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7 Things About Me

Susan tagged me for this one: list 7 random things about yourself and then tag 7 more people to do the same.

1. I dressed up as a Dr. Pepper some time around 4th grade. I made the costume myself out of posterboard. I went to a haunted house in the neighborhood and did not fit through the escape tunnel so I had to go back through the entire house to get out, which was scary! Paul dressed up as a snickers bar, so I figure we’re kind of meant to be.


(p.s. The reason I have antennae is because they are pumpkins, and it was halloween, and I was in 4th grade. I couldn’t skip the pumpkins just because I was a Dr. Pepper!)

 2. I have a large birthmark on my lower back.

3. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I have a weakness for Bette Midler. When I was younger, I’d listen to songs like “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most” in the tub and think I was really tortured. Hahaha!

4. When I get really, really inspired by something I’ve done during the day (Yellowstone, Denyse Schmidt’s quilt workshop) I can’t stop seeing things even when I close my eyes to go to bed.

5. If I don’t eat on a regular schedule, I get real cranky, real fast.

6. I grew up in Texas. I still say y’all sometimes. It’s a great word!

7. I just stumbled across a photo of myself at the Republican Convention of 2004. I was working for Newsweek at the time and being considered for a promotion to Publicist. I knew that job wasn’t right for me and everyone thought I was crazy for not taking it, but things worked out well in the end. I don’t really believe in “once in a lifetime” opportunities. (The specifics might only happen once, but that’s not to say that other great opportunities won’t come your way if you turn one down.)

I think everyone’s probably done this one by now, but if you want to do it and haven’t been tagged, I hereby tag you!

  • lindamade

    Chezshoes-- it was hard! My brother was about the only person who told me he didn't think I was crazy. Everyone told me it was a dream job that people would kill to have and I must be so brilliant to be considered for it at 24--- but I knew it wasn't MY dream job. I think what helped was he asked me "What do you want people to tell you when you ask them if you're crazy for not taking the job." And I said "I want them to say that I'm not crazy." And he was like--then that's what you think-- you don't want the job. Phew!

    I hope you can get your old job back (but if not, I'm sure something else awaits!)

  • With you all the way on numbers 4 and 5.

    And as for 7, you had the maturity at 24 to know what was and wasn't right for you that I recently lacked at - well, way older than 24 :) I recently took a job that I didn't really want because everyone thought I was crazy not to take it, and - let's just say I'm trying to get my old job back.

  • lindamade

    oh nancy, i'm sure you didn't offend anyone. i actually liked the publicity stuff, but at 24, i wasn't exactly thrilled at the idea of working till midnight on weekends! :)

  • Daniele

    "Y'all" is a great word. I'm glad that I got the excuse to incorporate it into my vocabulary when I moved down to New Orleans. :)

  • um, sorry to comment twice, but i realise my other comment might look like i'm bagging on publicists, which I'm not! publicists are awesome people, they work really hard, and publicity can be the perfect job for the right person. a good publicist can do truly amazing things! but, you know, i'm agreeing that if it wasn't for you, it was a good decision to make. just wanted to clarify so as not to offend any publicity peeps out there.

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