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Creative Spaces

Last February, Aaron Lee Fineman came over to my workspace to take my & my studio’s portrait. To be completely truthful, yes, I do work at this table- but until I had the reason to spruce it up, it was an uninspired, disheveled mess! Knowing someone was coming over made me finally make all those little changes I’d been thinking about and stop procrastinating. I built the ikea mini-drawers that I got frustrated with years ago (and instead of the mini-chest, stacked them,  labelled, to be compatible with my need to see everything I need while I’m working). I hung the stuff I’d been collecting and saving. And over came Aaron (who I met through Tricia) and took my portrait.


And then the most amazing thing happened: I started working more often. My sewing table no longer became cluttered with desk papers. Because it was, definitively, my sewing table! It’s pretty amazing what having a dedicated, decorated space to create in can do for your productivity.

I’m thinking about all of this as I pack up my things, because in Montana I will have a craft room. Slash office. Much coveted. This excites me, even though the room will be significantly smaller. I’m all about that dedicated space, and I’m hoping that this time I’ll set it up right away. I’m even secretly (although I guess not so secretly, now) hoping to start making art again. Just a little bit, just to see.  I found one of my journals from 2001 while packing, and hey, I know how to hold a pencil!

What does your craft space look like? And how do you keep it organized and inspiring? Let’s do a show and tell (you can post in the comments or link to your own blog. Today or next month- whatever works)!

p.s. Check out the Color Week challenge on Kayte’s blog. I want to play!

  • i have been reading you on the adorn blog and am so excited to have found your own blog. :) I love you head with the hat. does she have a name? Here are some pictures i took of my new creative space. it's till in process but should be getting the final bookcase and shelf treatment in 2 weeks after a trip to ikea. thanks for all the sharing of inspiration.

  • lindamade

    sulu- the funny thing is, i probably have more work space right now (i have a pretty sweet apartment if i do say so myself). but, i think the inspiration has kind of stopped for me here, and that will be the true benefit of moving on. it's hard to leave new york though!! but i think it will be worth it. don't let anyone tell you you're crazy...because, well, if you can make it here you'll make it...anywhere!

  • The portrait is fabulous. Not only are you smashing in it, but I can see little bits of familiar Astoria apartment details in the background. I'm following your blog and your move closely. I'm leaving Astoria myself after 13 years in New York and am so thrilled by the prospect of having some real work space (as opposed to a drawer that I have to stack all of my craft supplies in - which means I have to haul them out each time I want to work with them). Here's to wide open spaces!

  • that is awesome! i think you are so right about how taking your space seriously makes creating in it feel more effortless and appealing. i can't wait to see your craft room when you get it all set up in Montana, I hope you'll take a photo!

  • what a wonderful portrait, linda! and your little space is great. i think i need to go clean mine up a bit - i might actually get something done!

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