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Reunited…and it feels so good!

Look what I got back in the mail today: my long lost (not really) crochet/sewn shirt. I sent it off to the nice folks at Southwest Trading Company to display at their TNNA booth since it featured some of their Vickie Howell yarn. Hooray, I had been missing it. And here’s a better pic of the top, colorwise, than the sunny day when I first photographed it.

I had almost forgotten about it until Green Kitchen posted her vintagey version. I just love seeing offshoots of the same idea and how different people work it out. There’s nothing better than someone being inspired enough to try something out for themselves. I am in love with her version too (maybe I’ll make another one?).

In other news, I’ve been doing some quick crafting because I realized I was going a little nuts with the big move coming up. I kind of stopped crafting in an effort to avoid mess-making, but let’s face it: things are going to be a mess for a while! And speaking of messes, I’m not even sure what happened to my cute Mary Ink shirt. It somehow got stained (I’m stain-prone, but I do not remember this!) so I wanted to save it. First I was going to applique the dots but then I saw the plaid yo-yo lying on my desk so I decided to go with it. That makes one more day I can stretch out my laundry, which I pretty desperately need to do at this point.

  • What a fun top! It sure does look comfortable. Thanks for the inspiration. Fantastic idea about the yo-yos. I have some shirt with stains of unknown origin too (I read somewhere that sometimes those little oil looking spots are from fabric softner sheets...who knows) so now maybe I can save them.

  • lindamade

    it's just plant fiber (from soy) - i'm sure a 100 percent mercerized cotton would actually be the best thing. it's just a matter of finding the pretty colors!

  • Yes, my first version was superwash wool and it wasn't right at all. Now I need to go find out what milk fiber is.

  • What a brilliant idea with the yo yos! I have so many shirts that oils stains on them and I never know what to do with them, your idea gave me one of those "duh" moments, Thanks!

  • lindamade

    They are so comfy! Seriously, I could gain like 20 pounds and be comfortable in it-- I love flowy shirts. If you do make another one, I suggest using one of the other collections of her yarn--- I had a couple balls and assumed they were all cotton but the color I used is actually about 30% wool-- not the best thing for summer. I loved the color so i stuck with it, but her Craft line is milk fiber and cotton, which would be better. So soft!

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