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Shopping Renegade


I spent this weekend sweltering in the Adorn booth and checking out all of the cool vendors at Renegade Craft Fair. It was really fun to meet some new people (some of whom I’ve been reading for years, but never connected with a face!) and have people recognize me from Flickr. I’m going to do a roundup post on the Adorn Blog, but here I wanted to share some of my swag before it gets mixed into the mess that is currently my room!


There were a lot of new vendors this year, which was cool, and also a lot of familiar faces. I tend to buy from the familiar faces (I know what I like, what can I say?), so of course I had to snap up this apple tote from Kayte. I literally squealed when I saw it. I think I’m having a primary-colors crush lately.


I started the first day with a cute sap (right) from Heidi of My Paper Crane. I actually bought this as a gift, but I can assure you the recipient isn’t reading (he/she isn’t born yet). Continuing clockwise, I also got a pair of silo earrings (vendor unknown, but I had forgotten to wear earrings and instantly loved these), and a ton (or, two pounds) of fabric from Repro Depot, including the background fabric. I talked to Djerba, the owner, about business and crafting in general–she’s been doing Repro Depot for 8 years, and it’s the first fabric store I found online. While I think it’s important to support your local fabric shop, I have a lot of love for Repro Depot. I didn’t even know some of these gorgeous fabrics existed before I saw their site, and I love that they’ve started carrying some jerseys and corduroys. Because where do you buy apparel fabric outside of NYC? Big craft chains have some slim pickins, in my opinion, but that’s for another post. Last but not least is a lovely red clutch that replaced my Sew Darn Cute clutch that Susan gave me for my birthday. I overloaded it and broke the zipper yesterday, but I was in the perfect place to buy a new one. I got it from Papi’s Mami. I love the zipper and magnetic closure/flap combination. I will be nicer to this one. RIP Squirrely stripe bag.


And, what craft fair purchase would be complete without some booty shorts? Etsy booty shorts, that is! The heat is getting downright oppressive here, so these will be nice to hang out in at home.

Stay tuned for more on the Adorn blog, probably later this week. We’re closing the next issue tomorrow, which’ll make 8 days of work in a row. So, it may be quiet on all fronts for a bit! Later this week: some exciting news from me. I’ll leave you hanging.

  • lindamade

    Jenny- that's a sweet offer! I honestly don't think I even have it anymore (I just moved across the country and was ruthless with my paring down) but I still have a fond place for it in my heart. :) Glad you found the blog, I'll add you too!

  • Get thet squirrel clutch to me and I will happily replace the zipper! I'm so sad it broke. :(

    Happy to discover your blog, though, I'm adding you to my blogroll STAT! XOXO

  • that apple tote is one of the cutest things ever. oh my goodness!!!

    love the photos!

  • i would have fought you for that apple tote! love it!

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