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The Importance of Accessories

Today I took a stab at Simplicity 3835  (you might remember that I used the pattern to make this lemon dress a while ago). Everything I’ve read on the internet said it was a breeze, and I had all of the materials ready to go. It’s true– the pattern is super simple to stitch. I made a few changes, including lengthening  the sleeves and skipping the elastic on the sleeves (my under arms don’t need hugging, thanks!). Had I purchased slightly more fabric I probably would have eliminated the back seam as well (there seems to be no reason for it but that it was drafted that way for the dress). On its own, the shirt is okay, but not terribly flattering.


But with a belt, I love it! I had kind of forgotten about this belt, too, so it will be nice to resurrect it.


I’m not sure if I’ll make this one again.  I have a couple more in my stockpile that I’ll probably make first.  There will be others from the Built by Wendy line –I’m amassing quite a collection.

Although it’d be great to have a job and some income, it’s been nice to do all of this sewing lately. The only problem is trying to hold myself back from buying some Etsuko Furuya fabric. I want to make a hipster-fanny pack with it so I can be purse free when I ride my bike. I miss having the shop be just down the street from where I worked, something about $18/yd plus shipping seems too extravagant. It’s the kind of thing that’d make me buy more fabric to justify the shipping. Hah!

  • So cute with the belt! I also never would have guessed.

    I'm dying to see your hipster fanny pack as I'm ready to bite the bullet and wear one myself.

  • The belt makes all the difference! I never would have guessed. :)

  • You are so right about that belt. It totally makes the shirt - a happy resurrection!

  • meredith

    WOW - what a difference. The dress is cute too!

    I love your blog - I've added it to my NetVibes

  • it looks great with the belt, linda!

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