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It’s already Fall, which became clear to me because of the color in the trees on the way to work.  Right after I realized this, I heard on NPR that there would be snowshowers this weekend. This seemed unbelieveable as it was nearly 80 degrees on Friday. I woke up Saturday morning excited to peep out the window: nothing. There was snow in the mountains, but nothing on the ground. But later in the day, on the way back from the studio, there was snow(look closely), and more obviously, horses. They moved them to this pasture near the road, where I can see them all together.


This morning I insisted we hike, since yesterday was rainy (mostly shower, only slightly snow) and today was gorgeous. We didn’t stay long because there are always things to do, but I loved all of the colors in the leaves! I never feel like I get to observe enough, I could stand over plants and stare at horses through fences for hours.


After that, Paul went to the studio. I stayed home and cleaned up, then decided to cook him an early birthday meal (it’s tomorrow). I made baked breaded acorn squash, rosemary lemon chicken and a little spinach salad. It was delicious! And there is squash leftover. I love fall, with all of it’s oddly shaped gourds. I definitely need to make something with pumpkin soon.


P.S. If you are participating in the Patchwork Swap, you should have received an email from me by now. If you didn’t, please email me to let me know.

  • lorelei

    acorn squash recipe, please!

  • lindamade

    violette- there are a ton of retail/service jobs here- and they probably pay better than what i'm making! i migh thave to look into that to make ends meet...but i'm hoping to just be really thrifty instead.

  • It looks like the perfect place to be right now. I heard on NPR recently that there is an abundance of jobs in Montana right now (retail mostly from the sounds of it). I hope you are enjoying your new one.

  • Ooooh, I'd love to copy your acorn squash recipe some day.

  • great pictures!
    it's not really fall yet here but i can't wait!
    i too love oddly shaped gourds.

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