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I can knit! + Anna Schuleit

I admit it: for the longest time, I thought that I would crochet everything. Knitting didn’t appeal to me: all of that swatching, counting, making sure things fit. But when I saw some beginner knitting classes at the local yarn shop, I decided it was time. After all, they were only $15/class. I knit this hat over the last two weeks, my first ever!


I added pom-poms instead of braids. It turned out a little large, but that’s actually a good thing because I hate too-tight hats.  Next week we are learning to knit in the round, which I’m excited about too. Don’t worry, I still love to crochet, but I thought the idea of crocheting an entire garment would just be too hot to wear (Unless I use tiny yarns. Which are not my favorite). I’m excited about the possibilities of combining them, too.

Things are going really well here in Bozeman. I now have hats and scarflets for sale at a local boutique called Tart (I put them in the shop last Friday and sold one already), met some cool local ladies (including Carrie, who found me via Alicia’s blog–thanks Alicia), and I’ve got some freelance work rolling in. I couldn’t ask for more!

I also had the pleasure of meeting MacArthur Genius Grant Award recipient Anna Schuleit this week via my day job. She does truly amazing work- she spent years funding a project wherein she made a dilapidated mental hospital sing, and recently wired an entire forest to receive phone calls. I just got back from hearing her talk about her work, and she’s an amazing and generous person. She is done with public art for the moment because she (understandably) needs to withdraw from people and paint in order to work with them again. But when asked how she could pull off these seemingly impossible public works, she said something to the effect of “It’s easy to have one clear idea and tell people what to do and make it happen. To paint is more challenging.” So true. I love meeting people like Anna- she has an idea, she makes it happen. What’s sad to me is that some people never realize that they are fully capable of the same things. Even Anna Schuleit has her doubts about whether her projects will succeeed- but she keeps on. To me, that’s what life’s about. Keeping on.

  • Yay, congrats on the knitting! Now you're unstoppable! (That reminds me, I need to get back to learning crochet.)

  • of course your first knitted project is perfect! love it. can't wait to see more.

  • lindamade

    thanks mom and erin. :)

    amanda- wow, that hat is super cute! maybe after i learn to knit in the round?

    and thanks ryan-- i have been checking those sites for at least two years (i would just translate to crochet if i wanted to make something-- now i won't have to!).

  • I actually learnt to crochet from my grandmother when I was a child, and came back to it during collecge because I needed something to do on the train. I then taught myself to knit with some books a few months later. At first the motions were more akward than I expected, but I quickly got the hang of it.
    If you haven't already checked them out the and interweave knits websites are some of my favorites, and they have free patterns.

  • look at you! love the hat linda.

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