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Patchwork Swap Received!

I came home to the telltale sign of fun mail: the key in the mailbox. Which means, you get to open the bigger box! (Damn, I love not having to walk a mile to the post office to retrieve packages). I was super excited to open my box because I knew it was from my swap parnter Emily! Here are my spoils:


A cute halloween quilt with embroidered pumpkin. I’m hanging this on the inside of our door to look at each day.


And scraps! I love the scraps she chose, very pretty and totally my taste. I also got a kick out of the beaded devil. Something about it is just perfect. When I was showing Paul my goodies, he asked if any of them were fabrics I already had. None of them were (isn’t that kind of crazy when you think about it?) but some of them were fabrics I wish I had purchased. Doing this swap made me realize how much fabric I already have. I really should not buy any more, even if I DO have a project in mind. Except clothing, maybe clothing would be all right.  Anyway, I know I’ll be able to incorporate these pieces into some fun little things.

I really enjoyed making my package for Erin, but I don’t want to show off my patchwork item till she recieves it. And that means I need to ride on over to the post office this week! Once she gets it, I’m also going to do a giveaway with roughly the same scrap fabrics I sent her, so keep an eye out!

I had a lot of fun. I hope everyone else is having fun too. If you’re in the swap, still reading, and have a blog, please post links to your patchwork swap recieved posts in the comments so we can all share in the fun.

  • **CLAPS** Great Job on your swap! Looks like everyone had lots of fun!

  • Totally great. I received mine from my swap partner Kim this weekend:

  • betsy

    This has been a great swap. I received my package from Ebony in Australia yesterday and there's just a great selection of fabric scraps and a really cool potholder.

  • Here is what Nicole Spoled me with....

  • LOVE the quilt! And the scraps! What a bummer I missed out on this one...but glad I found your blog!

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