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Peanut Butter Pattern, $6.50

Circles Scarf Pattern, $5.00

Stellar Beret Pattern, $5.00

Raindrops Scarf Pattern, $5.00

Artichoke Hat Pattern, $5.00

Lace Slouch Hat Pattern, $5.00

Starry Night Cardi Pattern, $6.50

Pebble Hat Pattern, $5.00

Petal Beret Pattern, $5.00

Covered Hangers Pattern, $5.00

Diamond Lace Scarf Pattern, $5.00

Blackberry Beret Pattern, $5.00

Cotton Candy Cowl Pattern, $5.00

Simple Hat Pattern, 4 Sizes, $5.00

Cables + Lace Scarf Pattern, $5.00
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Patchwork Swap Sent + Giveaways

Okay, it is finally time to show off my Patchwork Swap project. Let me just say I had so much fun organizing and participating in this swap. I’m kind of sad to not be expecting any more mail at the moment. Look here to see what my partner Emily sent me.


Here is what I sent Erin of House On Hill Road. It’s a little decorative house. I just always think of a nice house at the end of a road somewhere when I am reading her blog. I actually attempted to make a stuffed house before this, from all green fabrics (her favorite color) but it just wasn’t that cute. It needed a varied color palette. I’m glad I gave it another go, as I am really happy with how this turned out. I love small patchwork projects, and am looking forward to what other kinds of small patchwork things the swapees came up with.


Here is the batch of scraps I sent. As a thank you for all of the sweet comments and emails I have been getting lately, I made another batch-o-scraps very similar to what’s shown here to give away. Your emails have made me feel so flattered, and like leaving on this adventure was definitely a good creative move. Comment on this post with what you’d like to make with the scraps by Tuesday, 10/30 at 10 am EST for a chance to win them. Just leave your email with your post and I’ll email the winner for their address.


To a separate winner, I will give away one copy of Softies: Simple Instructions for 25 Plush Pals. If I ever get around to it, I want to modify a pattern or two to make a patchwork softie! I really love all of the cute projects in this book and I know one of you will too, plus, it’s almost time for the Softie Awards. Comment with who you’d like to make a softie for and why by Tuesday at 10 AM EST,  same rules as above, for a chance to win the book.

Happy Friday! (Technically, it’s Thursday night, but it’s close enough for me!)

  • kim

    Yummy yummy scraps...hope I win.

  • Rachel H.

    Came across your blog via the Softies contest...great designs! I would LOVE to win some really great scraps. I would use them to make a quilt for my bed and maybe a matching garland to hang on my headboard. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  • Just found your blog and I'm probably too late for the try. I just discovered the felted wool thing and am loving it.

  • Jenn

    I was so sad that I missed the sign up for the patchwork swap! I hope another one is in the works. Everyone has made such beautifull things. I would like to throw my hat in for the fabric also, I am making patchwork cloth napkins for everyone for Christmas.

  • I have dozens of scap happy projects that I would like to do! Pin cushions, softies, try my hand at some decoupage jeans for my daughter! I had so much fun being a part of the patchwork swap, thanks for hosting it!

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