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Whoooo’s in the Halloween spirit?

Sorry, I had to.

I finished my halloween garland today. It was a relatively simple project idea formed  while I was in the Martha Stewart Crafts section of Michael’s. I first saw the owl stamp on someone’s blog (can’t remember where, but they recieved it in a swap). I walked all the way around Michael’s with the itch to buy something, then wandered my way back to the MSC section in a daze because I wanted to make something halloweeny, but not disposable.  Here’s what I did:

First, I sewed some fabric flags  that were slightly larger than the stamp. (With wrong sides facing, fold a piece of fabric twice as wide as the stamp plus two inches or so in half. Sew up one long and one short side. Turn inside out, press). I made twelve. I painted the foam stamp with acrylic paint and stamped each flag.

(Tip: Start with white paint, then orange, then black. It’ll just be easier!)

After that, I trimmed all of the flags to the same height with my rotary cutter. As you can see, I’m in the middle of some other projects which I had to push out of the way.


I pinned each flag into the fold of a double wide bias tape, spacing them about 2 1/2″ from each other. I sewed a straight line for the length of the tape, making sure to catch all of the layers, and voila! A garland!


Although I intended to hang it the wall somewhere, it looked best on the couch with its other handmade friends. Now I have a halloween decoration that’s not just junk I’ll throw away after this month is over. Plus, I busted some of my stash. Mission accomplished.

  • Brilliant! I love how simple and useful this project is.

  • Amy

    What a great idea! I badly wanted that owl stamp when I saw it at Michaels but didn't know what I'd do with it and forced myself to walk away. Now I know it's banner time! I hope they haven't sold out.

  • I found your tutorial via the comment you left on the Halloween tutorials post at Whipup. What a cute banner and such a clever idea--I love it! Thank you for sharing your tutorial. I also have a tutorial posted earlier in the month at Whipup about making Halloween (or other occasions) party hats.

  • Love it! Great idea, Linda, and excellent execution. I have a similar cloth banner for Christmas, and this would be a fabulous one to make for Halloween! I will take a look for some of my fall fabrics and see what I have.

  • lorelei

    super-duper cute.

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