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Cooking seems to have hijacked this week’s posts. It’s not that I’m not crafting- but I’m working up a lot of submissions so I can’t really show them off. Also, I actually did that wonderful little thing called meal planning this week, which is why I actually have good food to make each night. When I actually have time to think about what I want to buy and make, this can be a good thing– because, for instance, I can use tonight’s leftover roasted asparagus in tomorrow’s quiche. Although living with Paul does mean that sometimes there are no leftovers. I asked him if he didn’t like leftovers beacause it seems like I’m the only one who eats them, and I actually try to make enough for two meals so I don’t have to eat sandwiches for lunch every day. He replied that he just usually ate everything and there were never leftovers. Men.


Tonight I made this tasty(& simple!) apple cranberry pie for dessert. I had asparugus and chicken baking, some cranberries on the stove (to un-dry them), a pie crust thawing and apples being peeled when I got a phone call I’ve been from someone I’d been meaning to contact myself. I must have sounded like a crazed person when I answered and hung up shortly. Hopefully I can explain tomorrow.  But back to the pie: the pie was YUM.  I overestimated the number of apples I needed, so for future reference, 1 gigantor and 1 normal apple are all it takes (& I like to mix the variety for a sweet-tart pie).

After dinner I worked on a little project for Halloween. Hopefully I’ll finish it this week so I can show it off.

  • I never thought of apples and cranberries together. Looks tasty!

  • Holy canoli that looks yummy!

    Love the fabrics! So fun!

  • lindamade

    yes, email your cousin!
    i am feeling all fall like inside too, and glad to share it. i didn't grow up with seasons (tx is summer for nearly the whole year) and i really do appreciate them. thanks for the link to your pumpkin bread, i'll add it to the list.

    & thanks marita. your food posts are making me jealous. i'm in a bit of a wasteland as far as ethnic food goes. so sad!

  • maritasays

    I'm pretty thrilled that I found someone else with fairly similar interests here. Cooking, designing and making. I'm linking you and looking forward to reading more. b

  • I've been enjoying your cooking and neighborhood posts - it makes me feel all warm and fall-like inside. And now that the fall temperatures have *finally* reached New Jersey, I am more than ready to revel in that autumn feeling.

    Also, seeing your shots of Bozeman makes me think of my cousin who moved there from NJ many many years ago, and who I see once every two years, if that. I really should email her...

    If you're still in a fall baking mood later, feel free to try my pumpkin bread: http://www.polkadotcreation...

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