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Holiday Wrap Up (Part 1)

Paul is sleeping under many quilts right now. We made it home last night, just barely, but my luggage did not. I’m hopeful that it just went on to Alberta since we only had ten minutes to transfer (thank you airport cart man!), because I finally let myself buy some cute fabrics. And I want them! Oh, and you know, all of my jewelry and clothes and xmas presents.

My camera cord is also in the missing bag, so I’m just going to show off some photos of presents I took before Christmas. I did not formally take the handmade pledge, because I knew that I was going to buy some books for Paul. However, I did manage to give handmade everywhere else. We aren’t big gift givers in my family, so I didn’t really have to stress myself out. (I am, however, thinking of all the cool things I can make for next year if I start tomorrow.)

Without further ado:



2 sets of hot mitts by me with handmade (in Montana!) wooden spoons. I bought them from Harry Felton at the Holiday Bazaar, because they were so smooth and lovely and perfect to accompany the mitts.  I also had to buy one for myself, of course! (EDIT: If you want some guidance on making the mitts, check out this post.)


At the same fair, I purchased a couple of locally made teas, salve and lip balm. I used them for my gift in our white elephant swap, and my very pregnant sister picked them.  I got a pretty cool sewing notions box in the exchange (which I had to steal from my mom!)….which is also in the suitcase.  Perhaps when I get it back I can post some “Gifts in Action” shots.

That’s about it from this front. I had a nice, quiet, relaxing holiday. My phone totally died, so I couldn’t really call anyone, and I just spent time with my family and Paul’s family for the most part. I finished a lot of projects at home- a knit hat for me, three new cake hats for the shop, the beginnings of jewelry… I even sewed up a few quick gifts on my mom’s machine (I must go buy a  new one!). I also spent a lot of time wishing I was so relaxed when I was at home, with my craft room and craft supplies! Hopefully I can get cracking on some of my ideas today.

In other news, Kerry of Beaded Forest is giving away some fabric! Head over to her blog for a chance to win. She also has a lot of really fun projects posted, too– I especially love the otter she made for her father.

  • paperseed

    Those mitts are the nicest I think I've seen, and I love the idea of giving them with artisan wood spoons. I made some pot-holders to give this year as well, but they were much more simple. I adore the fabric and colors you chose.

  • Happy belated holidays! I love the oven mitts--the fabric choices are too perfect.

  • Emily S

    I recognize some of my fabric in your pieces that I sent you in the patchwork swap. They look awesome and I'm glad you could put them to good use!

  • Thanks so much for mentioning my giveaway...I've had a terrific response! By the way, those oven mitts are great, and a great idea, too!

  • Great hot mitts! I have been collecting them over here(Italy) because I love the funky fabrics they use. Your's are my favorite though, great fabric choices.

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