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Brrrrrrr. RRRrrrrrr.


It’s cold outside. According to it’s -1 with a windchill of -14. Last night it was actually -22 (not sure I even want to know about the wind chill). There is lots and lots of snow on the ground and part of yesterday was spent attempting to push Paul’s truck out of the snow. Then I got smart and let him do the pushing- because really, I wasn’t getting anywhere. And oh boy do I feel it today! We did get unstuck, but the amount of snow is a little problematic when it comes to getting around.


Yesterday I (foolishly) thought it’d be nice to go for a little walk out by the studios to see the horses. And little it was- we ran back inside after I could no longer feel my thumbs. Paul’s beard had little icicles (I kid you not) and my glasses were super fogged up from my breathing. Oh, so THIS is the winter everyone was telling me about. Poor horsies- they wanted me to feed them, I wanted to give them blankets. Neither was accomplished.

But I’m happy to report that with long johns, knee high socks plus regular socks, boots, 2 shirts and a sweater, plus  my crazy undersea balaclava, mittens and a parka, I survived the walk to work. Heh. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!


It was a slow and crafty weekend…. I did a little sewing, a little flower-loom flower making, a little thinking. I started to tackle the sewing machine bag (because I’m nutty) and I even got around to making enchiladas.  But the most exciting thing that happened was that my sister had her baby boy on Friday night. Everything went smoothly– she delivered in 6 hours with no drugs. Totally amazing. I can’t wait to meet him!

  • Welcome to world of being an aunt! So much fun ahead..I also like the blouse you made, cool combo with the fabrics.

  • yay! congratulations aunt linda! and hooray for your sister-- what a huge big job it is to have a baby, and an accomplishment. i'm so glad all went smoothly, and no drugs! whoa! she's my hero.

    you are also my hero for keeping your spirits up in that cold (though those photos are beautiful). my blood has thinned living in California and I'm not sure if I could tackle chilly weather anymore, let alone true, honest-to-goodness cold. stay cozy!

  • oooh, congrats auntie lindamade!

  • Your horses look so shaggy and darling. I remember living in cold weather like that, though the memory's been fading steadily since I moved out to California eight years ago. (Ah, California, the land where well-groomed women don sleek boiled wool coats or tailored full-length parkas when the thermostat dips below 60.)

  • lindamade

    Divine Bird- Yep, they actually seemed pretty warm and super furry. I wanted to pet them but felt like I probably shouldn't! Plus, what good is petting with mittens on?

    Marsella-The baby’s name is Tegue. (Like “league” but with a T). He is really cute, too!

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