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Hop Hops and Sewing Bag Questions


Yesterday I recieved this beautiful pull toy in the mail from Stump Pond Toys (photo from his shop). I found his store on my daily blog cruise somehow and this was just SO cute. It’s not for my sister’s baby, or anyone else’s. It’s for me. I don’t know why, I just needed it! I love that the guy describes himself as 87 and still kicking! And I’m happy to report that I have begun to see the bunnies on my walk home from work again (I thought maybe they got eaten, but probably they were just cold). Yay for hop hops, which is what I like to call them when I’m being silly.

Now  I have a question for you. Does anyone have any links or brand suggestions for a good, affordable sewing machine carrying case? Ideally I’d like something that is kind of cute (yeah right) and has a shoulder strap, plus pockets for accessories. In reality, this seems unlikely from my web searching. Perhaps I will have to make one, but I’d rather buy one. So, if you know of any, please leave me a comment.

Have a wonderful weekend. It looks like we’re going to be snowed in. Or for me, sewed in. (Dang, I am bad with my puns!)

  • you are so punny

  • Are you sure you want a strap? I got mine form JoAnn's and it's a rolling case (this one is simiar to mine )

    And mine came with extra cases fro threads and notions that you can pack inside or put on top and strap to your case while "on the move"

  • can't help you....sorry. Was looking for some time to find one for myself before a trip to Paris. Singer had one but it had like a fake Louis Vuitton pattern on it (!) hideous - I bought it anyway, had to bring my machine :-) Kind regards Inger C

  • No, I've never seen one that was cozy, cute and happy. Just hard white plastic or something that looks like luggage! I hope you design one for us--I know it'll be wonderful...

  • Thanks for the recommendation! I keep wanting to buy a "hop hops" for my daughter but kept forgetting about it. Now I will have to since it was devine intervention telling me to order it! :)

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