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Scrappy Trash and Snow Boots

I made a little trash bag for my sewing scraps last weekend. Not just any old trash bag, but a little one that attaches to my sewing table/cutting area with velcro, for easy access and easy dumping. I saw something like it at my sewing class, and I had to have one!


It makes it slightly easier to actually contain all of the cuttings and scraplets that are too small to save. Trust me, they are still all over the floor. But there are LESS of them on the floor! It’s also super convenient for threads I cut while I’m sewing, which tend to stick all over me and trail pathways all over the house. Sometimes I feel like a cat lady, only my cat is made of fabric refuse.

Basically I just made a lined bag with a foldover casing and two tabs with velcro sewn on. I used some super cute fabric from ReproDepot (I got it last year, so it’s probably gone) and 1/4 inch surgical piping to keep the bag nice and open. After our trip to Home Depot, it occurred to me that they probably sell something similar  and non-surgical at the fabric store- but this worked, and the worker was psyched to help us repurpose something. I’ve already used it on another project, and now that I know how, will probably use it again for things that need lots of structure.


It is cold, cold, COLD outside today. A winter storm is blowing in and there is so much snow that you can hardly see. Again I say, “So this is what they were talking about.” At least I’ll have plenty of chances to wear my new snowboots . I love the plaid—I can let it show if I wear it with skirts, or be totally incognito with pants. Yay. I hardly every put my shopping purchases up here, but … heck, I just thought they were so cute!

  • Very nice fabric scrap bag. Velcro eh? Great idea!

  • Oh, the boots are too cute! I found your blog via Sulu-designs' blog, and at first I thought you were still in Astoria and Etsy-ing (I'm in Astoria and just started Etsy-ing) but then it turned out that you've moved away. Boo hoo! At least you get to enjoy your boots. =)

  • Thanks for popping by and commenting on my blog..... I love your blog, it's great!!!
    Fantastic idea for your waste in the sewing room, I'll have to whip one of those up myself....
    Cute snow boots... The weather is a scorcher here today, I wish I could have 1 minute of the snowy weather that you have over their, then you can give me back my HEAT...

  • crumbs. the cat lady via fabric scraps and threads, that is.

  • I'm living the cat lady life. People at work have started teasing me about it (just too much surface area on a sweater to check properly!).

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