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Feast For One

I am all alone this week, as Paul is down in Texas for the College Art Association. Cue “All By Myself.” We went to the grocery store before he left (did I mention that I don’t really drive…yet…I hope) and I stocked up on some stuff I’ve missed eating. I finally gave in to the completely ridiculously priced frozen shrimp. We’re landlocked, people.Oh, and I had a glass of wine. It’s been a long time since that’s happened.


I turned the frozen shrimp into roasted lime sesame shrimp (thanks to a bottled marinade) then had some leftover v-day accoutrements. Holy crap, those oils and vinegars Paul bought are SO good. Completely fresh and delectable. I also seasoned some rice with one of the spice mixes for our dinner last night, heavenly! I really miss Indian food. And Asian food. And Mexican food. So let’s all cross our fingers that the next place we go will involve other cultures.  I keep meaning to make a return visit to New York, but it’s just too expensive.

I have been working on some crafty things, I promise. But some of them are gifts, one is a custom job, and lots of things are work-related. It’s feast or famine in this freelancey life, so right now I’m somewhere leaning towards feast. Since I can’t show you anything, let me share these darling dish towels I bought at the Winter Fest instead. They were so cute, and they were made by retired seniors, so how could I say no?  There were about six stacks of them at the display and I started looking through every one until I felt very self conscious and decided on these two lovelies.


Happy dishes.
I’m hoping to get a lot of work done this week, but today I just felt mopey and sad and missed Paul. Tomorrow will be better!

  • Eeep! Those dish towels are crazy awesome! I love vintage patterns where usually inanimate objects have feet and faces. It reminds me of the "Let's All Go to the Lobby" cartoon they used to show with movie previews.

  • I love the towles!

  • lindamade

    thanks everyone.

    curlywurly--note, i didn't mention italian food. that, at least, they do right. :)

  • Can I just say that I am so bummed that I didn't get to know you better when you were still in NY working at Newsweek. Things here have chaaaanged.

    Your Happy Dishes are cute. :)

  • I hope today you're feeling better. Do things this week that Paul doesn't care for. My bf hates chick flicks, so whenever he's out of the house I stock up on all the cheesy films I can find and have a girl day on the couch, with ice cream of course.

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