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Fits and Starts

Not much posting lately. I’ve been making stuff- just not necessarily stuff I can/feel like showing yet. I did finish the lining on my sewing bag, though.


It has a pocket for scissors, a pen, and whatever else. I took it to Bernina Club last week, where I made this heart potholder.


It was a good first time use of my walking foot (love!!) and a bias-tape refresher. I was by far the youngest person there, but I love being in a room full of people who love to sew.  Plus, I always pick up new tricks at classes. I just love how much time I have to actually take classes here. Plus, I get to take these classes for free for a year as it was included in the cost of the machine. Yay.

I actually have even more free time as of last week since my temporary job has ended. I have other projects to focus on, so it’s probably a good thing, but I do feel sad not having a reason to leave the house every morning. 

It is finally warming up around here (35! Break out the t-shirts!) and I can’t wait to get out and do some more walking. All told, his winter has been so, so, so much less hard than I thought it would be. It is lovely to be here with Paul, and the snow is completely beautiful, the sun shines, and it’s dry. I’m telling you, that makes a huge difference in actual cold-feel and the numbers on the thermometer don’t always tell the full story. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cold! But overall it doesn’t feel as brutal as a New York winter. There are other things I miss, but not the depressing bleak dark-at-4:30 days.

  • Adoring that potholder. And definitely feeling the need for some bias tape refreshing since I've yet to finish my own aborted potholders.

  • Funny, days ending at 4:30 is one thing I miss MOST about living in areas where it does that. Living too close to the Equator just doesn't do it, and I MISS IT!!!

    I need a bias tape refresher course...or just a bias tape course, period. I stink at it. :p

  • Gorgeous pot holder.... and that sewing bag is divine. great work.
    luv Abby

  • snickitysnack

    I just wanted to say that I saw your post ages ago about those Land's End plaid rain boots, and I asked for them for my birthday and got them as an early gift today! They are too cute, thanks for the tip! love your stuff, so crafty inspirational!

  • love this pot holder crafty girl.

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