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Little Surprises

I met my friend for coffee this morning to give her this hat, a custom job she requested for her 2-year-old granddaughter. To be honest this hat was a bit of a pest, I must have ripped it out three times. Something about the nubby yarn (it’s easy to loose your stitches) and my intent focus on making it a certain circumference. I don’t really have a pattern for hats, and I make each one  according to what the yarn tells me (hah!), and this one finally said “start at the bottom!”.

I’ve begun to add lining bands to my hats. Of course that’s another step and another material and more time, so I had resisted doing it for a long time. But then the shop I sell at said that a lot of people had mentioned that they were sensitive to wool, so I decided it was worth a shot to see if it helped sales. I sold three out of four newly lined hats to my coworkers before they even made it to the shop. Question answered.

Now I love the lining bands, because they’re a little extra surprise inside that only the wearer knows about. Plus it’s always fun to pick out the fabric– the sweet giraffes on the inside of this hat are definitely my favorite part.

And if you’re worried, as I was, that it’s too late in the season for hats, don’t fret– I’ve been informed it’ll snow here  until June. The weather’s actually been really nice  and sunny lately. It is good to see grass again.

  • I love the hat, and I love your blog. I have looked thru it all the way to the first post. Keep it up, it´s so inspiring.

  • yep, I agree, a lining can make or break a hat. I love the material you chose! It's like having a little secret garden that only the wearer knows about!

  • The lining was the first thing I noticed in that adorable hat.
    I was just informed that the rainy season here in Portland lasts until about June, too, followed by summer for a couple quick months. Then it's back to business as usual. Stay warm!

  • It's snowing here in New Hampshire *again* right now. Winter has been crazy here this year. I love the lining band, it's a great idea, and the giraffes are cute!

  • terriaw

    what a sweet hat! It's nice to see a "flower" this time of year. Thanks for that tip about lining.

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