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Peanut Butter Pattern, $6.50

Circles Scarf Pattern, $5.00

Stellar Beret Pattern, $5.00

Raindrops Scarf Pattern, $5.00

Artichoke Hat Pattern, $5.00

Lace Slouch Hat Pattern, $5.00

Starry Night Cardi Pattern, $6.50

Pebble Hat Pattern, $5.00

Petal Beret Pattern, $5.00

Covered Hangers Pattern, $5.00

Diamond Lace Scarf Pattern, $5.00

Blackberry Beret Pattern, $5.00

Cotton Candy Cowl Pattern, $5.00

Simple Hat Pattern, 4 Sizes, $5.00

Cables + Lace Scarf Pattern, $5.00
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New Issue: Crochet Today

As promised, here it is: my blatantly self promotional post. Just to prove I’ve been working on some worky type things. Here are two little projects of mine from the new March/April issue of Crochet Today.

0308_craftycuffs.jpg     0308_changepurse.jpg

The crafty cuffs and spiral change purse are mine. They’re fun and quick, let me tell you. I think I started these shortly after I moved here– I was still trying to get my head on straight at the time. 

0308_runner.jpg    0308_colorpillow.jpg

This issue has some really pretty home projects. This vintage runner redux is totally my speed (love to crochet those lace patterns in a larger scale….even if I’m not a table runner kind of girl), and I looove the color wheel pillow. As in, one day, when I have time again, I might even make it. 

And did you know that Crochet Today also has podcasts? I vaguely remember the staff working on one while I was still around in NYC, but then I read about them on Crochet By Faye and had an “ooooooh….yeaaaaah” moment of recollection. I proceeded to dork out and watch every last one of them. I miss working with a bunch of fun ladies. Hi Brett and Sara!

I feel much better today. I was up and at ‘em this morning, then I rode the bus downtown for my pottery class. I’m pretty excited about some pieces I made from molds last week. They have doily imprints and are painted to look sort of like old pyrex casserole dishes. I only have 2 more weeks of the class…. and then I’ll be posting some results. I think I’ll go in tomorrow and take one last shot on the wheel. The wheel is so different from handbuilding- it’s all about relinquishing control for me. Sometimes I end up with something pretty, other times, a pile of mud. Good practice for life, I say.

  • cute projects! :)
    I love that pillow and want to make it, too.

  • momma

    yes, that is what life is all about.

  • oooh! love your projects-- must seek out that magazine soonest. and i can't wait to see your ceramics too!

  • The cuffs are great!

  • Love that spiral purse! And the cuffs are pretty sweet, too.

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