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The Drawstring Beret

Ever since I saw this hat in Eugenia Kim’s book, Saturday Night Hat, I had a strange fascination with wanting to make it. I thought it was kind of silly, so I made this one instead. But this weekend I came back to the book, and it still called to me. You see, last week it was so sunny and bright that I actually left the house and went on walks, and did not have to pseudo ice skate across slick sidewalks everywhere. So I thought I needed a little transitiony hat. Of course today it is snowing like crazy…but this weekend- ooh, the plans were in action.  

This hat works up really simply, and you only need half a yard of fabric to make it. I used an old sundress that if I’m honest with myself, I’m not going to be fitting into any time soon. I love the fabric though, hence the recycling.


Although the book has really well illustrated instructions, I found them confusing with both this hat and the previous one. The construction is not hard at all, and I don’t know if I just think differently or what, but after I got past the cutting step, I just winged it.


In trying this hat on in the myriad of suggested ways, I found the best use so far: bandana substitute. I can loosen the drawstring, pull it down to my neck, get all of my hair in the hat on the way back up, and tie it shut. This way my hair stays out of my face during my looking-down tasks– which means I won’t have to wipe my hair back with a clay soaked hand anymore. Therefore I can skip getting on the bus with what looks like mud all over the side of my head. Spattered pants are acceptable, I think, but mysterious substance on glasses frames and cheek= not so much. I’m going to test it out this week.

Till then, I’ll just wear it around the house and pretend I am a cupcake or something. I could see myself making more of these.

  • oh my gosh, that is incredibly cute, and looks so perfect on you!

  • Super adorable. And I can see why you love the fabric.

  • ack!!! that is so cute!! I love the draw string

  • so cute! hats off to you!

  • Oh! it's lovely! It really makes me happy. It's the kind of hat you need indoors when it's snowing outside - a little summer feel. :-)

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