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Busy Busy


I have been working nonstop (or so it feels) because I am trying to get a lot of things done before A) Paul’s parents get here for his show tomorrow and B) I go to NY (three days after they leave). Phew. The idea is to do everything now so I can do absolutely no work while I am there. What a concept!

I did do a little fun sewing this weekend on the who-knows-what-its-for quilt. I outlined all of the rectangles with this tan/khaki cotton. I was going to use some linen-like fabric I had but I didn’t like the way it felt so I used cotton instead. It still needs sashing around the borders, but that may require an extra bit of fabric. I think I would like to freeform quilt this one, and am actually looking forward to the quilting part, because it’s so meditative to just sew. I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting “for work” lately and I miss my sewing.

 I’m getting excited about my trip to New York. On the list:
-Crochet Coral Reef
-Visit to Brooklyn Flea
-Purl Patchwork plus other Soho shopping
-Birthday Bar night (plans forthcoming)
-lots of eating

 And boy am I looking forward to the eating!  Plus maybe the weather will be nice and if not, at least not snowing. I must admit I am getting so sick of the snow here.

  • Sarah (from the old NYC Craft Mafia) will be at the Brooklyn Flea selling stuff! Say Hi to her for me!

  • I ADORE the shapes and colors of this quilt.
    I wish you a happy visit with the parents and a fabulous trip to New York. Would it be your birthday that warrants a bar night? If so, have a happy one! Can't wait to hear a report on how it is to go back to NYC once you've left.

  • the quilt is looking great, linda. i love it.

  • Gorgeous quilt. The colours are some of my favourites.
    Might see you at the Brooklyn Flea ( I'll be the one wearing the coral necklace), Purl ( I'll be the one salivating) and of course, the crochet coral reef.

  • alexa

    omg, that quilt is beautiful. feel free to bring it to nyc and accidentally forget it in my apt.

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