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Go Outside!

Today was such a gorgeous day outside that we had to go for a little drive, and then (after the sad Spurs game) a hike.

Here’s Paul on the trail. Of course I picked the super easy one since I have basically been hibernating all winter, and I was panting nonetheless. It’s the elevation….yes…. I’m still adjusting after nine months, that’s it.  Everything is still all dead around here, but in a few weeks hopefully it will turn spring-like. Of course, they are predicting snow later this week, but I’ll take my 68 degree days when they come.

I wore one of the shirts I made a few months ago that I’ve yet to show off, another Built By Wendy 3964 (first version, which I loooove and wear all of the time, is here). See how I am standing outside in this picture? Very exciting. Anyway, I think i could make a hundred of these shirts and still want to make more. I wear them over long sleeves or under a sweater in the winter, and they are nice and breezy for summer without leaving my arms feeling totally bare (plus they don’t creep up like t-shirts, thank goodness). The pattern is kind of difficult but it gets easier every time, and if you do simple things like leave off the bias-cut ties (and put a seam at the neckline with a button/loop closure instead) you can save yourself some yardage. It’s also a great use for the fabrics that I only have a yard of (just about all of them), when I can find two that go together. These two are from Reprodepot– Alexander Henry’s Chickadee and Moda dots.

I also had a  baking urge this morning– I’ll share the results later this week. Hope it’s lovely where you are.

  • Ugh, I miss those beautiful days a couple of weeks ago, now all I've been getting is rain. Now that school is finally out and I can enjoy the weather, it's gone! :(.

  • This shirt is great! (I especially LOVE the chickadee fabric). The necklace compliments the shirt so well...absolutely beautiful!

  • Altitude can kill nearly did me in when we hiked the dunes last summer. :) it was only a 10 feet change but I felt it. Or maybe I'm a little out of shape, but I'm blaming the altitude. Love the bird fabric in that- I'm saving my chickadee fabric for a toddler dress (no, I don't have a toddler, no I'm not preggers, just planning ahead!). :)

  • I LOVE the birdy fabric! I hadn't heard of Built by Wendy until I read it on your site and now I have to get those top patterns. And I can use some of those cute fabrics I have just a little bit of. Thanks! Rhonda

  • gorgeous top! I love it with the necklace too!

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