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Go Outside!

Today was such a gorgeous day outside that we had to go for a little drive, and then (after the sad Spurs game) a hike.

Here’s Paul on the trail. Of course I picked the super easy one since I have basically been hibernating all winter, and I was panting nonetheless. It’s the elevation….yes…. I’m still adjusting after nine months, that’s it.  Everything is still all dead around here, but in a few weeks hopefully it will turn spring-like. Of course, they are predicting snow later this week, but I’ll take my 68 degree days when they come.

I wore one of the shirts I made a few months ago that I’ve yet to show off, another Built By Wendy 3964 (first version, which I loooove and wear all of the time, is here). See how I am standing outside in this picture? Very exciting. Anyway, I think i could make a hundred of these shirts and still want to make more. I wear them over long sleeves or under a sweater in the winter, and they are nice and breezy for summer without leaving my arms feeling totally bare (plus they don’t creep up like t-shirts, thank goodness). The pattern is kind of difficult but it gets easier every time, and if you do simple things like leave off the bias-cut ties (and put a seam at the neckline with a button/loop closure instead) you can save yourself some yardage. It’s also a great use for the fabrics that I only have a yard of (just about all of them), when I can find two that go together. These two are from Reprodepot– Alexander Henry’s Chickadee and Moda dots.

I also had a  baking urge this morning– I’ll share the results later this week. Hope it’s lovely where you are.

CommentsGo Outside!

  • What a great shirt! Love the fabric. I also love the original. I ran out and bought the 3835 pattern last week and have made 3 shirts so far. The darts really do help with the shape. Now I’d like to have this one, although it looks more complicated and I’m not exactly a gifted seamstress. :)

  • terriaw

    What a cute top! I love the first one you made too! I have Wendy’s book, so now I must check out this top a little closer.

  • I love the top! Great job. I hope it warms up where you are at. Spring shows it self every now and then. One day it will be warm around 70 and the next it is 38. It is green everywhere which is very inspiring. I can’t wait to see what you were baking…

  • gorgeous top! I love it with the necklace too!

  • I LOVE the birdy fabric! I hadn’t heard of Built by Wendy until I read it on your site and now I have to get those top patterns. And I can use some of those cute fabrics I have just a little bit of. Thanks! Rhonda

  • Altitude can kill you…it nearly did me in when we hiked the dunes last summer. :) it was only a 10 feet change but I felt it. Or maybe I’m a little out of shape, but I’m blaming the altitude. Love the bird fabric in that- I’m saving my chickadee fabric for a toddler dress (no, I don’t have a toddler, no I’m not preggers, just planning ahead!). :)

  • This shirt is great! (I especially LOVE the chickadee fabric). The necklace compliments the shirt so well…absolutely beautiful!

  • Ugh, I miss those beautiful days a couple of weeks ago, now all I’ve been getting is rain. Now that school is finally out and I can enjoy the weather, it’s gone! :( .

  • I LOVE the birdy fabric! I hadn't heard of Built by Wendy until I read it on your site and now I have to get those top patterns. And I can use some of those cute fabrics I have just a little bit of. Thanks! Rhonda

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