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On the Plane

Edit: Oops, I thought I pressed publish on this when I wrote it Monday, but I guess not! Here you go.

I set myself up with an embroidery project for the plane (I must have been inspired by Floresita), and in case I got bored in New York (yeah right) and wanted to stay home. I almost n-e-v-e-r make time for embroidery, it is truly time consuming, but I’ve had these patterns for a couple of years now and I thought it would be a good change of pace. I used a bird transfer I ordered from Colonial Pattern about and referred to their suggested colors and made it up as I went. I haven’t done a lot of embroidery, but I think it came out pretty well.

The guy next to me on the plane asked me what I did with the things I was making. I said “I’ll use it to dry dishes.” And he was incredulous, “No, really, do you make pillows or what?” At which point I said that I could do that, but I just like to add a little bit of color and art in my life even for mundane uses. I don’t think he followed. I guess I might turn this into something other than a tea towel, but if it remains a tea towel, that would be fine with me, too.

In other news, I posted some photos from Wave HIll Gardens. I had never heard of Wave Hill but I read about it on someone’s blog while in New York and thought “Hey, that’s here!” so my brother and I made the trek. And it was a trek- make sure you get your directions straight before you go– although wandering around the pretty houses in Riverdale is not a bad way to spend time. I love that my brother lives in NYC, because I don’t think I could have convinced anyone else to go there with me, even though in reality it is not that far away.  One thing that was good about living in Queens was that I could never be the lazy one (it was bad too, trust me), and I went all over in terms of exploring the city. My theory: yes, it may take an hour to get there, but what else am I doing, really? Once my more adventurous friends moved away, it really started to piss me off that no one would ever come to Queens, and that everyone who lived in Astoria was always flocking to Manhattan. Sigh.

(Photos from a paper flower menagerie exhibit by Jun Eun Park in the Sun Room)

So during my 6-day vacation, I hit 4 boroughs (Brooklyn: flea, Queens: Egyptian food, Bronx: Wave Hill, Manhattan: everything else). More photos on Flickr, of course, because I think that’s all I have to say about the trip. See also Kayte’s post about our visit to the Crochet Coral Reef

  • Hi
    Those flowers are amazing, I've not seen anything like those before. The great thing about clicking randomly on Links (I think I found yours through Posie Gets Cosy) is that you discover lots of new, inspiring pictures and itch to make stuff. The bad thing is you never have the time to put all the ideas buzzing around your head into action ... I really want to make some exuberant flowers and do some more embroidery now ... Best wishes Valerie

  • Wow, I love those paper flower things...and the real flower pic!

    Great work on the embroidery....I have been itching to get into some, but for some reason the screw is missing from my hoop, so that kind of puts a cramp in things. Hmm.

  • the bird is so beautiful! I love how neat your embroidery is... :) I keep meaning to try my hand at embroidering a few (large scale) things; I haven't done it in years. ;)

  • lindamade

    Floresita--thanks! it does stand for montana- it's the state bird (meadowlark) and flower (bitterroot).

  • Ha ha, I love that you got crafty suggestions from your neighbor on the plane! I just get weird looks and furtive glances. :) And bravo on your embroidery - it's beautiful! Does Mont. stand for Montana?

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