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Blatant Self Promotion Friday

Lest you think I’m sitting here idly, here are two of my recently published sewing projects. I actually made these back in January (I think) when I was just dreaming of summer. Unfortunately I am still dreaming because it has been rainy all week– so much so that all of the bread is molding. Whine.

Both of the projects can be found in Sew Simple magazine. If you haven’t checked this mag out, I recommend it–their first issue (which my mom gave me) had a really great story on sewing from patterns, and finally I understood. As the name implies, the projects are simple– but you can always add more to them if you want something more involved.

Here’s a cute Smock top for summer. You don’t even need to know how to sew a buttonhole to finish this (I went with a trusty loop instead). It’d be cute layered, and of course you can lengthen and shorten it, or add embellishments.

And here’s a really easy big summer bag. I love that big floral fabric– I picked it out from ReproDepot (who graciously donated the supplies for these projects).  This one is quick and simple to make– the pattern is on their site but you’ll have to buy the mag if you want instructions. 

If you end up making either of these, I’d love to see the finished project! E-mail or comment and let me know.

And for extra cute, these are the photos of the baby bison I was telling you about. This one is my favorite.

  • Melody

    Those are two of favorite projects in the mag. Congrats. I missed a couple of issues so I'll have to back order.

  • Marian

    Which issue is the smock top in? I can't seem to find it and is it a free pattern? I've been looking for this one everywhere.
    Marian in Va

  • I love that magazine and I especially love your projects, they are so cute! I hope to make my own versions soon, so thanks for the ideas. :)

    I admit it, I brought my copy to work so I could show my coworkers and hopefully get them excited about sewing. You are now known as the Sewing Machine Lady.

  • congrats girl! these projects are adorable and so linda.

    ps- your pics from montana on the blog are incredible. what a beautiful place...

  • That magazine does look good & my first thought when I saw your shirt was " I could make that!"

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