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Feels Sew Good

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the cheesy pun. Lately I’ve been consumed by about a zillion creative-but-not-for-me projects and to be honest, it makes me a little crazy. I’m always thinking, “Wow, this is a fun project. How come I don’t have time to sit down and make this for myself anymore?” So this weekend I decided that I would not work on Sunday and instead I would make something for me! ME!

I made Simplicity 4589 (View D) using the Nani Iro double gauze that I bought at Superbuzzy back in April (I think I convinced myself that it was okay to spend that much on fabric because my birthday was approaching). I originally intended to make a sundress of some sort but then I realized that being swathed in this color palette would probably not suit my pasty self, so I went for a shirt instead. I’ve been meaning to make a shirt from this pattern for about a year, so it was time to try it out. The pattern was pretty straightforward, only 5 pieces, and I’d say it took 4 or 5 hours from ironing the fabric to finished piece. I always have a little bit of trouble with these rounded collar/facing deals, it is a tad wonky but I am proud of it anyway. The only alteration worth noting was the one I do standardly: cut the sleeves 2 sizes larger than my pattern size. I cannot stand tight sleeves. I also lengthened it by about 2″– it seems kind of short on the envelope and I was glad for the extra length.

In case you were wondering, the double gauze fabric feels amazing. I just know I’m going to wear this every time it’s unbearably hot outside. I like that it feels like a “real” shirt. I love quilting cotton, but it can bunch up and get heavy when it comes to garments, and the double gauze is much more fluttery (without being gross cling-to-the-skin fluttery).

Now it’s back to work work work. Hopefully I’ll have some of the big stuff out of the way soon. In the meantime you can always read some of my crochet stuff over at Craft Stylish.

  • GreenMyEyes

    Here's a link for you:

    Linda, the shirt looks great! I have this pattern and haven't yet made it - glad to know some of the tweaks you made, as I'm sure I will follow your lead on both the length and the arms. It looks very cute on you and I love the fabric you chose. Nicely done!

  • knittinginpink

    Your shirt is really lovely! Like Kelly I can't find it the pattern online, can you double check the number for us? I'd love to be able to find it too, and maybe make one as nice as yours!

  • I love your shirt! It turned out wonderful! I also lengthen the pattern but I hadn't thought of cutting the sleeves larger----I'll do that, too!

  • Kelly

    I love that fabric. I went to the website, but couldn't find it. Can you post a direct link? You'll be my best friend forever. I am SOOO going to make that precious top!

  • seemommysew

    Love it! It turned out lovely!

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