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Peanut Butter Pattern, $6.50

Circles Scarf Pattern, $5.00

Stellar Beret Pattern, $5.00

Raindrops Scarf Pattern, $5.00

Artichoke Hat Pattern, $5.00

Lace Slouch Hat Pattern, $5.00

Starry Night Cardi Pattern, $6.50

Pebble Hat Pattern, $5.00

Petal Beret Pattern, $5.00

Covered Hangers Pattern, $5.00

Diamond Lace Scarf Pattern, $5.00

Blackberry Beret Pattern, $5.00

Cotton Candy Cowl Pattern, $5.00

Simple Hat Pattern, 4 Sizes, $5.00

Cables + Lace Scarf Pattern, $5.00
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I’ve been tagged by the wonderful and talented Roxanne of Cheetah Velour. Here are the rules: I answer 6 questions about myself. At the end of the post, I tag 6 people and post their names. I then go to their blogs and leave them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read my blog. Finally, I let the person who tagged me know when I’ve posted my answers.

What was I doing ten years ago?

I had just graduated from hight school and was probably freaking out that I had to go away (like, 1 1/2 hours away) to college. I was pretty sad about leaving my friends. Oh, and because it’s funny, I guess I was dating Paul (who I am living with now), and was completely frightened by the whole situation.

Five things on my to-do list for today?
(I wrote this this morning and now it is 10:30 pm)

Mail out big package full of top secret projects- check
Edit some instructions- check, but they never end
Write some things (do you like how vague I am being?)- not so much
Buy yarn for new project- check
That’s the end of my realistic to do list for the day, although there are many other things running free in my head.

Snacks I like?
I’ve never met a snack I didn’t like!
Peanut Butter (on a spoon, I got this from my sister Amy. Drove my Dad nuts!)
Veggies and Hummus
Cheese and Crackers
Walnuts and dried cranberries
Junk Food!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire?
Knowing me, I would invest all of the money and still live my same lifestyle. But I’d buy a house, a new car for Paul and pay off any debts. And then maybe start a foundation of some sort that gave grants for public art.

Places I have lived?
San Antonio, TX
Austin, TX
New York, NY
Astoria, NY
Bozeman, MT

Jobs I’ve had (I was wondering where question 6 was! Found it on someone else’s blog)

Tag Checker (at the neighborhood pool)
Baby Sitter
Computer Lab Monitor
Museum Assistant
Administrative Assistant (many varieties)
Craft and Decorating Editor
Freelance Writer, Editor, Blogger and Craft Designer (current)

I tag anyone who wants to play!

  • amanda

    I loved your jacket! Where did you get it from?

  • 10 years ago you were just graduating from high school?! Wow, Linda, you're just a youngun' Heh. Guess you just seem wiser than your 28 years to me ;-)

    Oh, and btw, I totally love pb on a spoon, too!

  • Ah, I missed question #6, too! I assumed it was "who do you pick?" What was I thinking? ;)

  • Hey there! I wanted to say "thanks" for stopping by over at my blog last week, and LOVED the "dorky enthusiast" quote! (also love the button necklace you are wearing here!) I went to high school in San Antonio, though it was more than 10 years ago . . .

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