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Note to Ann: Don’t read this post if you don’t want your package to be a surprise (it should get there by Wednesday).

There’s nothing like having all of my sewing and crafting stuff packed up to inspire me! Hah. We started moving stuff to the new place today, and I feel so good about it after seeing it again (the first time we saw it it was very…lived in, so I wasn’t really sure how it would actually be when clean, but it is great!). Now virtually all of my fabric is over there. Half of it functioning as bubble wrap. :)


But last night, before my mad packing run, I pulled out a few bits of fabric and bias tape to whip up these Seat Belt Strap Covers for my sis (loosely following this tutorial). When we were there she was mentioning that sometimes the bib doesn’t cover the straps in their car seat (which also works as a stroller) and just when I was thinking I could make washable covers, along came that tutorial. Very smart! The only thing I really changed was adding the embroidered stitches around the bias tape. If I made them again I’d probably ditch the bias tape all together, since you barely see it from the front anyway, but I do love how they turned out.

I also embroidered this little sleeper onesie for him on the plane (actually, it went so quick that I finished it in the airport). I bought it with Christmas in mind but realized he’d probably outgrow it by then. I love to start with already cute onesies when embellishing, for one, it gives them some texture, and secondly, if you don’t get around to embellishing them they’re still perfect gifts. I also whipped up a couple of girl versions for a friend who is having a shower tomorrow, but unfortunately I didn’t photograph them before I wrapped them.

This officially ends my baby crazy installments. Maybe. Now that I’ve met the little guy, I just want to make him all sorts of cute handmade things. When I was sewing up the car seat strap covers, Paul said I was acting like a mom. And I said, “You know what the difference between me and a mom is? A mom wouldn’t have the time to sew these.” Maybe when I have my own kids, Ann will just hand these back to me. :)

  • paperseed

    I just made some appliqued onesies for our november baby that I posted about. Next I'll have to try embroidering. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Those belt covers are beautiful! What a wonderful idea. You are so creative! The embroidery is just adorable!!

  • Ann

    Linda, we got the cozies and pj's and they are super cute!! WE are fortunage Tegue has such a crafty aunt.

  • So cute! And very funny, because I took a road trip this weekend, and the seatbelt kept rubbing on my shoulder/chest since I was wearing tank tops, and I thought to myself, why isn't everybody out there crocheting/sewing seatbelt cozies? And voila! Will you make me a set, please ?

    And do I recognize that acrylic yarn?? :) very cute.

  • omg! those strap covers are BRILLIANT- Sophie definitely needs a few of those.

    And she the has that EXACT footie from Old Navy-- their baby stuff is so wonderful and soft. of course hers hasn't got the supercool linda embroidery. Babies totally inspire the making of cute things, especially because they're so small garments go a lot quicker and take less fabric. not that, um, i've made a lot (that whole mom thing you mentioned) ;) can't wait to see what else you whip up for that sweet little guy.

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