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Along the Beartooth Highway

Yesterday we woke up early and made our way to the Beartooth Highway for some spectacular scenery. The best part of the day came early– we were driving on Trail Creek Road and a black bear crossed the street right in front of us. He was too quick for the cameras, but we were the only ones there to see him–pretty cool. On the way to the highway we drove through Yellowstone and were treated with a grizzly bear sighting (don’t worry, he was plenty far away). That was pretty much the only big wild life we saw all day, which is kind of amazing since usually you see lots of other things but never bears.  Anyway–on to some shots of the scenery along the highway.

Here I am about to jump off a cliff. Not really, but I was pretty close to the edge.


And here’s an overview of part of the road (now you know what they mean when they say hairpin turns! Check out a scarier example of the road here.).  The Beartooth Highway was built in 1936 and has the highest elevation in Wyoming and Montana, if you couldn’t tell by the photos. Luckily for me Paul has lots of experience doing all of the mountain driving. Generally I sit in the passenger seat and try not to look over the edge. In the above photo, you can also see a HUGE plume of smoke, which was coming from the Gunbarrel forest fire (it’s burning through about 41,000 acres of Wyoming, but they are letting it burn to try to promote new growth in the area). The smoke cloud got amazingly large as we kept driving. There was plenty of pretty scenery to be had, you can check out more of my photos of the highway and Red Lodge (the town on the other side) right here.

It was a loooong day but I love these kind of trips–I keep seeing things even when I close my eyes to go to sleep because my brain can’t process them all. We really are fortunate to live in such a pretty state– I want to take full advantage of the rest of summer while it’s still here. 

Anyway–in craft-related news, I just wanted to remind you: there is still time to enter to win a free copy of Kayte Terry’s new book, so head on over and comment (on that post) if you haven’t already. Good luck!

  • Jessica

    The Beartooth Highway is incredible and you're lucky you got to drive it before it closes in the winter! I've heard it's spectacular with all the snow, but no one gets to drive it then... :-)

  • I love the Beartooth Hwy. My family has a cabin in Red Lodge. The other side of my family has one of those weird underground houses in Cook City. There are parts of that drive on the Wyoming side that make me want to sing the theme from the Sound of Music.

  • terriaw

    What a fabulous day! The scenery looks so breathtaking, and it seems like a great way to get a fresh perspective and re-energize! I love the photos you took - wish I could have been there too.

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