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The Stash Ends Here.

I’m still un-burying myself from all of my stuff. I have gotten rid of so many things. I love the new apartment, but I’ve had to totally rethink the storage. One of the things that was nagging me as I was trying to navigate my chair from the sewing table to the computer was my bucket o’ scraps.

This one. It’s overflowing. And has been for a while. So I’m currently working on transforming it into these:

Blocks for a scrap quilt of the future. I’m piecing them improvisationally without making too many decisions about the color (the good news is that most of the scraps go together, since I picked them all out at some point). The funny thing is, that for the first block (on the left) I thought a lot between each seam. And I like it least. The basic idea is to blindly grab 2 pieces, sew them together, trim if necessary, add another piece (trimming if necessary) and so on. I mean, I do think about where they go. But not terribly- I don’t lay out the whole block or anything and obviously I didn’t pre-cut most of the pieces. And I do sometimes use the curve in the shape of the scrap (a la Denyse Schmidt). It’s fun for when I want to sew, but don’t necessarily want to think. It’s rather pink, but, I’m sure I’ll find a use or recipient for it.

I’m also unoficially not buying any more fabric in the near future. I have 2 shelves full of it, and enough is enough. I’ve been pining over the new Denyse Schmidt stuff for a month but so far, so good. I only have stuff I like in my stash, so it shouldn’t be hard to use it. But I should probably stop reading the blogs that showcase pretty fabrics.  Haha!

In other news, here’s how Montana looks today. The weather is gorgeous. We’ve been having some thunderstorms, but they’re kind of nice since they cool us off.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend– and stay tuned this week for a book review and giveaway.

  • The scrap blocks are fabulous...can't wait to see what a quilt would look like!

  • That sky is amazing.
    I love the scrap pieces. I have been saving old dresses and shirts made of fabrics I like to re-use the material. I am not a quilter--yet--so I think this would be a good place to start. It doesn't look too hard, right?? Right??
    Now to the hat post!!!

  • I've been doing this for years, YEARS (ok, about 8)! It's how I taught myself patchwork, so when I see people calling it by a name (paper bag?) or see that Denyse Schmidt has taught classes on it, I find it funny. It's like saying that people have to "unlearn." It's true, exactly what you said, though. If you chose the fabrics in your scraps bin, they should play off one another in some way. I sew ALL the time, and when I am short of projects or ideas, I patch scraps. I make big pieces of patched fabric that I can cut from later, because the patching is what's so time-consuming.

  • you might want to stay away from me....i just ordered tons of new prints. it's a disease, i swear.

  • a couple of weeks ago hubby sat down with me and basically held my hand as i got rid of things. i'v amassed too much stuff!! it felt good after a bit though. so i'm right there with ya. i'm at the destashing the fabric point. i just started ironing and piling up my scraps. looking forward to just goin' with the flow and seeing how they come together. i love how your blocks are looking. it is funny how the ones you didn't think too much about are the ones you like more.

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