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Starry Night Cardi Pattern, $6.50

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Of the Cloth

Despite my extreme interest in crocheting lately (which, I predict, will cease and desist once I have to work up the sample for the class I am teaching), I have also been doing some sewing lately.

This weekend I worked on more scraps for the scrap quilt. It’s so colorful, and I’m pleased so far. I had the passing thought that I could cut each of these blocks (which are about 17″ x 20″ a piece) into 4 smaller blocks and rearrange them, but I doubt I will. Right now it’s baby quilt size, but I’ll probably just keep making blocks and figure out what to do with it later (unless someone close to me has some exciting news).

I also learned how to make a fabric bowl last week at Bernina Club. Very fun! I used this fake patchwork fabric that I had on hand, so that the design would change in the spirals as I went without my having to do extra work. I was pleased with the results and bought a lot more piping to make more.  I like that they are structured and soft at the same time. These are fun and almost meditative to make, in a sort of pottery meets friendship bracelets kind of way. Now, erase this image from your mind if you happen to be on my holiday list.

As briefly mentioned above, I’m going to be teaching some crochet classes this fall. If you are local and interested, they will be at the Bozeman Yarn Shop, you can read about them here (Learn to Crochet and Crochet Jacket with Linda, hee hee). I’m also mulling over teaching sewing classes, but I always wonder what to focus on. So, I’m wondering if you, dear readers, can help me out. What would you like to learn to sew? It can be a technique, or a project. I think it would be fun, I just have to gear up and do it.

  • May I please be on your holiday gift list?


  • i would buy that quilt...if you have any plans to sell it. i adore it! :) i'm so not crafty...but i love clever things like that. :)

    i've followed your blog sporadically for a while..and wonder how you've adjusted from nyc to mt. you're so brave for making a big move like that...

  • teach how to sew that bowl! very interesting! im working on a star quilt right now using all polka dots and stripes, very colourful like the quilt youre working on!

  • i love your scrappy blocks....did i tell you that i am going to bridgeport in november for the same class you took? wahoo!
    and that bowl - so so cool! that would be a really great craft swap item for me. i'm going to have to figure that out.

  • VioletteCrumble

    I'm in love with things you made Linda! Enjoy teaching the class. I'm going to pass the link on to an old elementary school pal of mine who lives in Bozeman.

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