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Oranges and Lemons

I finished my orange socks yesterday. Woohoo. I am so excited about them, they make me want to try all new sorts of things and buy all sorts of yarn. Except that I think I have some stash yarn that might work for another pair. The one thing that I think is important when it comes to crocheting socks (which is mentioned in the book) is that you need to use a yarn with a bit of elastic/nylon content (which I did). They will keep me nice and toasty, and I don’t get what all the fuss is about how you shouldn’t crochet socks because they are too bulky. If you use a sock yarn, they’re totally wearable, even if there might not be quite as many options as with knitting. Here they are in all their glory.

Note that they look a little gigantic laid flat– that’s because crochet doesn’t stretch quite as much as knitting does. And maybe I have cankles (see next item for the cause of this). But they fit near perfectly. I think next time I will make the heel slightly less wide by about 2 stitches but that’s it. I worked both socks as I went (and did have enough yarn- yay!) which was good, I think, so I wouldn’t be already satisfied by one sock and too bored to finish the other. That also helped me remember what I did for each section and keep them the same size. Fun fun fun.

I also had to tell  you that I made this delicious Sour Cream and Lemon Cake after I saw it on Erin’s blog and OH. MY.  The whole time I was making it I was preparing a blog post in my head about how this couldn’t really be that much better than a boxed cake mix (which I use a lot, and there’s nothing wrong with that). But I was wrong. This thing tastes incredible. I made it with 1/2 cup less sugar and 2 tbsps less butter (because I ran out of both) and that was just the right amount of sweet. And since I didn’t have a bundt cake pan I baked it in 2 round pans instead. And I’m pretty sure I ate a whole round all by myself within 2 days. And writing this makes me want to creep into the kitchen to see what’s left.  It is that good. (So good, in fact, that I tried to give Paul some to take to work to share, and he refused. Haha!)

  • Mmm thanks for the cake link! question: Was it the glaze that you used less sugar and butter in? thanks.

  • jenny

    cute socks!! it is still hotter than blazes in austin so having warm cozy feet will have to wait a wee bit longer. btw you inspired me to bake this cake! and it is YUMMY! i too was forbidden by the significant other to bring it to work to share!

    miss you & xo

  • congrats on the success of the socks! They look comfy. and that book is THE source, good choice!

  • Ohh I love em! I can't wait to crochet socks!

  • terriaw

    Your crocheted socks turned out great! I love the color of that yarn. And the cake sounds so decadent, yet light, like you could get carried away with it. You're so productive!

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