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Starry Night Cardi Pattern, $6.50

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Tootie Fritters

It seems that I’ve transitioned into making footwear lately. It started with these booties for Ruby, which led to another pair of booties (commissioned by my sister).

I love the way they came out. I didn’t add buttons to this pair because I don’t personally know the recipient so I used felt flowers instead (don’t worry, I stitched each one down about 16 times). I really like making these little baby things- for some reason it’s “okay” to be playful with color when it comes to kids. Often I get asked why I don’t make my hats in kid sizes, but I’m dumbfounded as to why we’re not “allowed” to be colorful as adults. Heh.

I also started my very first pair of crochet socks. My sis got me the yarn for these when she was in LA and I thought, “Oh. Sock yarn. I have never made socks.” Instead of using it for something else, I figured it was as good a reason as any to learn (plus, again, it is COLD in this here basement apartment). I checked out Crocheted Socks! from the library and am making Easy Does It. Despite having more than enough yardage according to the project specs, it looks like I will run out, so I am trying to crochet them both to a similar point before proceeding (so they match, even if they become Frankensocks). So far it has been totally addicting and better than I imagined. I was concerned that they’d be too bulky or something but they are just right. And I am learning lots of new textures designed to stretch and reinforce. Yay. The only downside is the tiny hook- I definitely have to rest up between crocheting sessions. The book, by the way, is totally worth the $13 or so that it costs on Amazon, but I am currently loving that I can get it for free at the library.

  • nina

    I think it would be awsome if you could do a step by step tutorial on how to crochet socks; pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Carmen

    Hi, Linda, You don't know me but I'm the recipient of the baby booties from Ann! And I love love love them. The tag led me to your website and that to your blog which I'm enjoying them. The colors are perfect for us - check out our colorful baby's room on The booties could not be more special. Cheers - Carmen in Austin, TX

  • I sooo want to learn how to crochet socks!

  • riotflower

    I've been pondering this book and trying out socks or quite a while - I might have to get going with it!
    Yours are looking really good so far- good luck finishing them.

  • daisy mae

    OMG! It's at my library too! Yippee! I am just learning to knit and everyone in my class but me is working on socks. Now I can dazzle them with socks of my own! Thank you.

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