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Potato Printing and Crochet Roundup

Last week I got together with my friend (and her new, 3 week old baby!) to do some potato printing. She saw the technique while she was looking through my copy of Kayte Terry’s Complete Embellishing, so we rounded up some supplies and had some fun. I forgot to take pics while I was at her house (boo!) but here is some of what I came up with:

House/hearts on fabric. I *love* the way these turned out.


Birds, XOXOs and more house-y designs on fabric and flour sacks. We used Pebeo Setacolor paints, which are transparent and work well on light fabrics. I though they’d look less grade-school than thick opaque paints. I bought a few more colors and hope to get to play with the potatos again soon, and maybe even experiment with sun printing. It’s funny, I used to have access to all of these supplies at work and it was a great way to learn about new products that I otherwise wouldn’t know about…. I actually had a dream this week that I was meeting with a representative of Jelly Yarns (? random) and talking to her about how I missed learning about new products and designing crafts that featured them. Le Sigh. I am quite busy with freelance things right now, but what can I say, I do miss editing and, dare I say, trade shows.

Anyway. Onto a quick roundup of recently completed crochet projects, in link form:
- My version of the Fuschia and Blues Jacket from Interweave Crochet (made for the class I’m teaching here. It was nice to follow someone else’s pattern for once!)
- Recycled Bins (I love these!) and Wrapped Wreath from the holiday issue of Crochet Today
- I’ve also got some crochet goodness coming up on Craft Stylish- be sure to stay tuned. I post my how tos on Wednesdays. And check out their “Make it Pink!” contest–for the month of October, they’ll donate $1 to the Susan G. Komen foundation for every pink craft project you upload.

Oh, and on a final note- thanks for all of the interest in the fabric bowls. However, I won’t be posting a tutorial on them (at least, not any time soon). Mainly because I think you should all go take a class at your fabric/quilting shop and support your local community (I do think we sometimes forget about that with the internet and all of its’ glory)–there is value in learning from a person. And because it’s already all written for you, in this book: It’s A Wrap.  And because, well, sometimes writing a tutorial takes the fun out of things, and I just want to enjoy making them. I hope you understand!

  • Nicole

    potato printing was so much fun! i need to get a few more paint colors so i can finish my tea cloths (i did one more in yellow/ orange and i like the way it came out but i'd be bored if i only had those 2 colors for the rest of them). anyway, i thought i should finally start commenting on your blog :) thanks for coming over and crafting- let's do it again soon!

  • those are great! I want to potato-print too now!

    I agree with Erin about the tutorials - they're good to do when you want to, but if you're just crafting for fun, and someone else has already written a great one, that's the perfect time to skip it. and yeah, they are a lot of work!

  • i totally hear you on the tutorial thing. they are so much work.

  • terriaw

    oooh, I really like the houses/heart print too! I agree with you on these colors - quite nice from what I can see so far. Sounds like a fun day.

    Love seeing the great projects you've done lately! That jacket looks great on you!

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