Crochet Pattern PDFs

Peanut Butter Pattern, $6.50

Circles Scarf Pattern, $5.00

Stellar Beret Pattern, $5.00

Raindrops Scarf Pattern, $5.00

Artichoke Hat Pattern, $5.00

Lace Slouch Hat Pattern, $5.00

Starry Night Cardi Pattern, $6.50

Pebble Hat Pattern, $5.00

Petal Beret Pattern, $5.00

Covered Hangers Pattern, $5.00

Diamond Lace Scarf Pattern, $5.00

Blackberry Beret Pattern, $5.00

Cotton Candy Cowl Pattern, $5.00

Simple Hat Pattern, 4 Sizes, $5.00

Cables + Lace Scarf Pattern, $5.00
To see more of my crochet patterns, click here!.


Fabric Scrap Wreath

And now for the super simple crafty holiday idea I promised to share (just pretend it’s Friday!).

Ladies and gentleman, introducing The Colorful Scrap Wreath. I found a wire wreath frame (it looks like this, with 4 concentric, slightly raised wire circles) at Joann’s and it jumped into my shopping bag because a) I’d never seen a [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

The pie is baked, homemade crust and all.
Now the hardest part–waiting till later to eat it. I hope you are all cozy and full (or preparing to be full).

Just a Little More Shop Talk: Free Shipping Sale

Since the opening of my fundraising etsy shop (this Friday!) coincides with so-called Black Friday, I’m going to kick it off with a bang. All items in the shop will ship anywhere in the United States for FREE through Monday, Dec 1st at midnight mountain time. That gives you East Coasters a couple of extra [...]

Turkey Day Tags and Item #1

This weekend I went to town crocheting little leaves from my own Leaf Pattern on CraftStylish. After crocheting it eighteen times (they are remarkably quick!) I can say I am pretty satisfied with the pattern, especially since I went back and forth on it for hours. Sometimes the simplest things can be the toughest. Anyway, [...]

What’s that Button in the Sidebar? and Holiday Gifts

Hello again. It feels like it’s been a while since I posted because I was in a foggy congested state last week, but I’m still here. You might have noticed (if you click over to my actual blog, since you won’t see it in the reader) that I’ve added a wee Donate button to my [...]

Super Simple Holiday Tags

I have a few holiday themed envelopes going out this weekend (I know, I know! But I had to get a head start!) and I wanted a cute way to tag the gifties inside– using only things I have in my stash, but of course. I recently bought a 3″ circle punch (the stuff of my [...]

Hands and Feet

I got back from Texas two days ago and am readjusting….although I have to take another quickie out of town trip again tomorrow. After that I plan to sleep all weekend!
The time I spent with  my sister and her family was good. Jasenn is doing a lot better than he was, so we are grateful [...]

Secret Project: Baby Blocks

Now that the Tegue has received his secret Auntie presents I can safely post them here. I’m pretty sure that at 9 months old he doesn’t read this blog, but why take the chance?

I brought him baby blocks and a crocheted giraffe! I actually made some blocks for an upcoming article using a different technique, [...]

Gone to Texas

I’ll be travelling off and on for the next two weeks so it will be pretty quiet on the blog front. I’m going to visit my sis, brother in law and nephew starting tomorrow, which I am looking forward to. Tegue is already crawling and attempting to stand! Plus I am going bearing crafty gifts, so perhaps there will [...]

Tricks and Treats

We’ve been hemming and hawing about dressing up over here. But around 3:30, I finally decided to go for it, in the most dorky crafty way. I fashioned myself a little gnome costume– easy peasy, just a sewn felt cone (extra points for trim!) and a last minute crocheted beard and eye brows–affixed with scotch [...]