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Fabric Scrap Wreath

And now for the super simple crafty holiday idea I promised to share (just pretend it’s Friday!).


Ladies and gentleman, introducing The Colorful Scrap Wreath. I found a wire wreath frame (it looks like this, with 4 concentric, slightly raised wire circles) at Joann’s and it jumped into my shopping bag because a) I’d never seen a non straw/grapevine/styrofoam one before and b) it was $2 or so. Here’s how to make the wreath: cut your fabric scraps into pieces about 1- 1 1/2″ wide by 5″ long. Tie them around the form. Repeat 200+ times. Trim the scrap ends and fluff up the wreath as desired. Sew adornments on to front of wreath (I happen to have a bag of crochet swatches from a big project I was working on, so I used some of them. Bows, flowers, birdies, and rickrack would also suffice). If I had it to do again, I might try to stick to all green scraps, but it’s fun to look at all those fabrics from my scrap bin….


plus it kind of goes with my thread rainbow, so I’ll probably keep it up all year.

*This post was edited to delete info about my Hope For Jasenn etsy shop.

  • Mofarmmom

    Love this!  Will be using up my fabric scraps soon with this great idea!

  • Carisensei

    Yahoo! So cute and good bye to all those little quilting scraps I can't bear to throw away!

  • Guest

    I love it! Thanks for the awesome idea.

  • Annie

    Wow - I have seen links to this gorgeous wreath all over the internet, most recently on casasugar. I want to try to make several with Christmas fabrics. Linda, you have soooo much talent, I love to look at your things. The colors and textures are delicious food for the eyes!

  • jody

    I LOVE your wreath! I have bags and bags of scraps and strips - thank you sooooo much for this idea which I will pirate as soon as I get home from work!
    Thank you for sharing-
    best wishes to you and your family,

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