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Hands and Feet

I got back from Texas two days ago and am readjusting….although I have to take another quickie out of town trip again tomorrow. After that I plan to sleep all weekend!

The time I spent with  my sister and her family was good. Jasenn is doing a lot better than he was, so we are grateful and hopeful. I don’t want to get into the specifics on this blog, but your continued thoughts, prayers, and hope are appreciated. There are also still a few things in my etsy shop, and I will continue to contribute a portion of all proceeds to him and my sister  when I re-stock (if I ever have time to make anything again! Sometimes I wonder).


I made him these oven mitts a week or so before I left because I know how much he loves to cook. He also loves cars. I found a lot of cheesy car fabric, and then I found this Japanese import from Phat Fabric, which was perfect. I got to play with my free motion foot, which was lots of fun. The best part was that Jasenn was feeling good enough to cook us quite a few meals last week. Yum.  

I also made my sister a pair of socks. Only I didn’t finish them because I wanted to make sure they’d fit and for that I needed to measure her foot. I thought I would finish the toes in a night while I was visiting, no problem, but we were so busy that I hardly crocheted a stitch! Here they are in progress, fingers crossed that I get to them by the holidays.


And just for kicks, here is a pic of me, Ann and my nephew Tegue. I am experiencing withdrawal. From the family, and also from the warmth (even though I was complaining about how “hot” it was hovering around 80 degrees while I was down there).


Have a great weekend!

  • Those oven mitts are fabulous! What a great idea.

  • daisy mae

    I love that oven mitt! And what a great picture. I am so glad to hear that Jasenn is feeling better. It IS hot here in Texas. I thought this winter was supposed to be cold and full of snow, not wind and heat. *sighs*

  • terriaw

    What a great picture of the three of you! Glad to hear you had such a great time, and that your brother-in-law is doing better. It's a tough time, but faith and hope help a lot. And prayerfull thoughts from the rest of us. I will say extra ones.

    I love those oven mitts - a great guy gift for those guys you know who like to cook. And the colors in that yarn is awesome for the socks.

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