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Secret Project: Baby Blocks

Now that the Tegue has received his secret Auntie presents I can safely post them here. I’m pretty sure that at 9 months old he doesn’t read this blog, but why take the chance?


I brought him baby blocks and a crocheted giraffe! I actually made some blocks for an upcoming article using a different technique, but since there was leftover foam I decided to sew up some patchwork blocks for Tegue. I used some of my scrap fabrics, potato printed fabrics, and the best part– I cut some of the block sides from the patchwork blocks I sewed up earlier this summer. It’s nice to have them ready to go when I have a little project in mind, even if I never get around to making a quilt from them. I’m not going to tell you the sewing was easy- I only made 3 after all- but I love the result.  I  crocheted him the sweet/strange striped giraffe much earlier this year, put it away and forgot about it- then I found it before I left. I meant to write down the pattern but… nope, just made this one for him.  He likes being tickled with the giraffe ears, and I think the long neck makes it easy for him to grab, which is good too. It will be covered in drool in no time!


Here he is with the blocks. I think the best part for him is knocking them down. He also tries to crawl right over them if he wants to come see you, which can be quite amusing. Yay! He is such a cutie.

  • Lovely blocks! He seems to ahve a blast with them!

  • I see you used some of those potato printing fabrics on the blocks - looks great! And that giraffee - incredibly cute! How nice to have these things ready to take along for your trip!

  • I'm really lovin all your craftin'! Wish you lived closer so you could walk me through the crocheting of the sweater!

  • oh my gosh yes he is! and lucky to have such a wonderful aunt too :)

  • Nicole

    he is sooo cute. he actually reminds me of you :) he must look a lot like your sister. hope you are having lots of fun with him!

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