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Stir Crazy Hat Making Week

Y’all, it is cold here. So, so cold. Cold in the way that if I went outside and sat there for a while, my tissue might actually freeze. So I’ve been a bit cooped up in the house, and going extra crazy in that pre-holiday way. Fun times. I did get around to making this lovely crocheted hat, though. The pattern is free, posted right here, and the pattern is called the Divine Hat (Ravelry link here). The only thing I changed was the brim (see my notes here).  I need to make a few more adjustments, but overall it works up really quickly and is a fun pattern to follow. I will definitely be making at least one more for the January shop update.


I spent years never following written patterns, but I must say that  following someone else’s instructions is one of the best ways to learn new skills for designing! Everyone thinks in a slightly different way, which is always eye-opening. It’s really kind of indulgent to take the time to make something crocheted for myself anymore, but I need to do it, because it reignites me creatively in some ways–the not having to think about every step and how I’ll explain it, etc etc. I don’t always want to think, sometimes I just want to make. I’ve been feeling that way a lot lately! That is usually when I start making hats.


I put the finishing touches on this knit hat as well, which I started a few weeks ago on our drive to Paul’s art show in Miles City. I really love the colors on this one. It’s made from leftover bits from other hats I’ve made to sell, and I intended to sell this one too. But I’m on the fence, cause I really, really like it. I don’t necessarily need it though. But, me wanty! I’m going to let it sit here while I’m gone and then decide whether or not to sell it.

We’re leaving on Tuesday and I’m still searching wildly for a plane project. Have you knit or crocheted anything that you loved recently (with a free pattern, hopefully- or at least readily downloadable?). I have all kinds of worsted weight and sport yarns I could dig out of my stash, so I’m taking suggestions! Keep in mind that I’m not an advanced knitter at all, so if it’s knitted, it has to be relatively simple. I also don’t want to think too hard on the plane. Initially I wanted to do something like blanket squares, but all of the color changes kind of suck on a plane since I’m afraid to take my scissors. Anyway– throw me some suggestions!

And if I’m not back until January- Happy Holidays!

  • fantastic!!! I can't knit very well, but I am in love with the plum one, SO cool!!!!!

  • I love these new hats, especially the striped version! Have a wonderful trip.

  • Jessica

    I think you should keep the second hat - it matches your glasses!

  • Marty

    I've brought regular knitting needles on the plane, but it does get cramped. I found a fingerless glove pattern at I made tons for my family for Christmas. Here in Montana, even inside, our hands tend to get cold, so these are just the ticket for curling up in the evening. They do take double point needles-I don't know if you have advanced to those. I like them better than circular. Can't seem to get the rhythm going with the circulars.

    Where in Texas are you going? My middle son and his girlfriend live in Austin. Way cool town!! Afraid I'll never get him back to Montana.

    Have a super trip!

  • Happy Holidays to you too!

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