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Sweater Ornaments and a Jasenn Update

What kind of ornaments are you making this year? I always like to do at least one set per year, and I usually participate in a swap.


I’ve participated in various ornament swaps over the years, with varying results. I wanted to dig in and really take the time to make some nice ornaments this year. And well, what can I say, I wanted to make sure I got some equally thoughtful ornaments back. So instead of participating in the big random swap, I contacted a few of my favorite bloggers to play along. (I would have asked more people to play, but I only made so many mini sweaters). I think they’ve all recieved them by now, so I wanted to show them off. I made the sweaters in the middle of the summer or so, when I was completely bored and too fried to think of anything new.


Then, maybe around September, I found them again and added little edgings using embroidery floss. I sewed on felt shapes, sequins and vintage buttons. And I even found some thick floral wire to make coat hangers for each ornament (only I didn’t photograph them! whoops!).  They are so cute, if I do say so myself. Don’t worry, I kept a few for me. If you’d like to make your own, there are a lot of tutorials on the web. If you’re an intuitive crocheter (ie. don’t need it spelled out stitch by stitch), this one is the best I’ve found. If you knit, just google- there are plenty of free patterns.


Actually,  when I got out my ornament box this year was overwhelmed with all of the cheap and crappy hanging things I’ve collected. This wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t also have some really special ones I want to show off– but I do, and I have a tiny 2 ft tree, so I need to declutter. Too busy to go through them this time, I just threw a few on the tree, closed the box, and figured the ones I recieve can fill in the gaps. I’ll go through them next year. Yes, that’s it. Next year. I don’ t know, even the super cheap dollar store ornaments I bought my first year in New York (when I only had half of a job) mean something to me. Maybe I just need a bigger box.  I’m excited to see what I get this year!


PS: I thought you all might like to know that Jasenn got some of his first test results back from the doctor this week, and his cancer is stable. As in, not growing. YAY. This is very good news and I want to thank you all for keeping him in  your thoughts and prayers. In related good news, I’m a little more than halfway to my fundraising goal so a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped. I keep adding new stuff to the shop, and wouldn’t complain if I say, exceeded the goal, so remember to check back in occasionally. (Despite the good test results, he won’t be able to go back to work, so every little bit of extra $  helps).  Thank you thank you!


PPS: There’s still time to enter to win the Sukie Iron On Pad. I love reading your ideas for what to do–especially the Geek+Nerd, who said she’d use them to make little stuffed ornaments. I love that idea!! I wish I had more than one to give away (but at $13, they’re quite reasonably priced).  The random number generator will dictate the winner.

  • Colleenmariemccray

    I absolutely *LOVE* these adorable sweaters! I know that this is an older blog, so when I went to the link to find the pattern, the link wouldn't work. Is there another site where I may find the pattern? I've searched high and low, but no such luck. Any suggestions? 

  • lindamade
  • i've got a ton of ornaments that we don't put on our tree, but we've held onto for various reasons. what i did this year was head to target and buy a big clear cookie-jar with a lid. it was about $15. and i put all the ornaments in it, and set it on our dining room table. now i can see them and admire them, even if they aren't on our tree. i actually even had room left over in it!

  • Your sweaters are adorable! I love your special touches!

  • First off - such wonderful news about Jasenn. I'll keep your family in my thoughts.

    Secondly - I'm glad you liked the stuffy idea - thanks for the shout out!

    And, thirdly, I usually make two sets of ornaments. For the first set, an ornament goes out to every household in my immediate family. They'll be receiving these:, inspired by *your* pattern, this year. The second set is dedicated to the big annual Holiday Ornament Swap. I made peace doves this year:

    Happy Friday!

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