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2008: A Year of Craft

Here’s my 2008 craft mosaic:


1. i’m a deep sea diver, 2. all in a row, 3. ceramics class, 4. my new purse, 5. my new shirt (Simplicity 4589), 6. simplicity 2962, 7. my first crocheted socks!, 8. sewn bowl, 9. Sweater for Tegue, 10. Fuschia and Blues Jacket, 11. my apple picking skirt for fall, 12. potato printing, 13. sewing, 14. earrings for tart, 15. scrap wreath, 16. crocheted sweater ornaments

I dabbled in a little bit of everything, but mostly sewing and crochet. And, this post makes me realize that I want to sign up for another ceramics class if I can squeeze it in. In my head I feel like I must have made some other, bigger things but I guess they were work-related. I did finish one huge project in 2008, more on that to come in 2009!

I also wanted to announce that I reopened the Hope For Jasenn shop. I think that this will be the last update since I’m more helpful here on the ground, so to speak (although you can still make monetary donations if you so desire, see the “Donate” button in the sidebar). Ann wanted to say thank you to everyone who donated and purchased from the shop, it has helped them pay off their health insurance deductible for the year. In the interest of Jasenn’s privacy, I’m not going to do much more updating on the blog but please, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

  • jennifer

    So happy that people on the web came together to provide hope and happiness for Jasenn and the family.

    By the way-- you didn't get rid of all those baskets you made, did you?

  • those are extremely cool and very pretty!! Awesome, Linda!

  • What a pretty mosaic.Very inspirational....
    Could you tell me what magazine(book?)the sweater in your December 12th post ,was featured in?I love the shape of it.I have most of the magazines you mentioned but don't see it.
    Thanks,and happy 2009!

  • terriaw

    I always love your year in review of crafts! I especially love that purse and scrappy wreath. Looks like you had a very productive and most impressively creative year. Here's to a Happy 2009!

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