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Happy New Year

I will probably go to bed early tonight (fingers crossed) so I can get my butt up to meet my sister tomorrow. I’m going to stay in TX  for another week and generally help out with the little guy.


Here he is in another of his Aunt Linda presents, a striped cardigan. I pretty much went overboard with Xmas gifts for him this year, but I started this one in September, which is why I was able to get it all done. It’s too big (a-gain) but in a few more months it should be just right. For more details you can check out my ravelry page.  I also knit him a hat to go with it, which you can see here (or if you’re not on ravelry, here). As with most hats, he pulls it off as soon as possible.

Anyway- I hope that you all have a great time celebrating the arrival of 2009. I know Ann and Jasenn are celebrating tonight, in addition to NYE, this is their 2 year wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary!

I for one am ready to kiss 2008 goodbye, and fast.  Since I’ll have my hands full, it’s likely to be quiet around these parts. I haven’t answered any etsy-shop donation emails, and I probably won’t until I can get my head on straight again, so please forgive me about that. I’m going to keep it closed till I’m back home in Bozeman.

  • Monica

    I'm an astrology blogger and WordPress somehow linked me to your blog because I've been writing a fair amount about Saturn in Virgo and craftsmanship. Anyway, what a delight to look at your work! It's amazing, and you're a great writer too.
    As an astrologer, I'll tell you not to worry about spinning your wheels right now: Mercury (the planet of communication) went retrograde on Jan. 11 and will remain there until Feb. 1. So it's hard to get things moving right now. For some folks, snow and bad weather is the obstacle. Anyway, hang in there and I look forward to buying some of your stuff in the future. Best, Monica Starr

  • AWWWW, so cute! The sweater AND the wee one.

  • Cute sweater and hat -- love the colors!

  • Happy New Creative Year! Another one, yes please!

    the cardigan is über cute for sure, well done! and too big is way way better than too small... I hate when that happens! :-)

  • daisy mae

    Oh, I love the way the sweater came out! And the hat too. I might have to make one for my son now that all the Christmas projects are out of the way. I've found that he is a size smaller in sweaters for some reason. Other than that, he's a hefty young man!

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