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Birdie Mobile for Tegue

I have lots of little things I’d like to update, but right now I’m feeling overwhlemed with life. I’m glad you’re still reading, though- and wanted to share this project I made in January.

At the moment, I’m still down in TX taking care of my darling nephew. Seriously, he is so cute that I don’t know how I’m going to leave next week. He is constantly learning to do new and adorable things, like stick out his tongue or reach up and turn on the ceiling fan lights. (I created a monster by showing him that. He always always wants to be picked up so he can pull the chain again and again). Anyway. For the past couple of months I had been thinking of a way to make him a mobile for his nursery and collecting all of the parts. And I finally got together and did it– using scraps of fabric, yarn from the stash and only one new thing– a metal ring to hang the birdies from. I found it in the weird macrame/rope/craft cord section of my Michael’s store.


And here it is in action. I used the birdie pattern from Spool Sewing to make the birds. It was so much fun and I see more scrap birds in my future. After I made each bird, I cut a loooong piece of yarn (Red Heart Lustersheen) and threaded it through the center top of the bird, just below the head (see where it balances well) and pulled it through till both ends were equal lengths. Then I repeated that step twice so there were 3 strands of yarn (6 total if you count each end) and I braided them together. When the braid reached the length I wanted, I braided around the hoop and kept going. I did this 3 more times (for three birds) and then did one final birdie that would hang from the center. Are you still with me?


Next I grabbed all 5 strands and, as evenly as I could, tied them in one huge knot at approximately the center of the ring (the length of each strand- from ring to knot- should be equal). Then, I crocheted around the hoop between each braid to keep the braids (and therefore birds) spaced evenly. I hope that makes sense! Finally, I wrapped the huge knot with a contrasting color of yarn and added another length of yarn so that the mobile could hang lower from the ceiling. My sister can easily retie the 2nd yarn length as Tegue gets taller to keep the mobile out of his reach.  So far, I think he really likes it, and I’ve been able to swiftly get him out of his crib before he rips into the birds. I love to see it hanging in the nursery…and now I am filling my head with further projects for his room. I hope my sister saves them because I will probably have no time to make this stuff should I have my own kids one day!

  • These look great. I've just made a mobile with this pattern for my baby nursery (well, nursery-to-be, that's why I can't share pics of it above the crib yet). You can check it out here : http://nocesdecoton.canalbl...
    Hope you like it !

  • Seriously, I "oohed" out loud at that picture of Tegue reaching for the birds. So cute.

  • Cute birdies! They came out really well.

  • Such a beautiful mobile; you are very talented. I know your nephew loves it!

  • Even though you know that life goes on and your sis has to pick up and go on with her life, letting go is so very hard! I'm sure you're wondering if you've done enough and should you stay a bit longer.

    Tough to leave, for sure.

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