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Look at Me! Blogging!

This week Paul was in San Francisco  and I decided not to go, since I’ve been away so much already this year. Of course, he got back tonight and showed me all of his pictures and I think that was a stupid decision on my part, but realistically I had some things I needed to get done. Plus, it was nice to have the quiet time to collect all of the dustbunnies, catch up on housework and work work, and have some creative fun!


I finally made this tote bag which has been brewing in my head for some time. I ordered the fabric from this Etsy seller in Japan back in November with the idea of making a purse. But then it sat and sat. Which was actually good, because I gathered the rest of the materials between now and then.  I picked up the polka dot lining from my grandma’s stash in December (I meant to share some of that here, sigh). And I got the Kaffe Fassett solids at a quilt shop in  San Antonio with my sister in January. Actually, I wanted to make one of those cool shot cotton scarves with it, figuring if nothing else, I’d have time to sew 2 straight lines. And actually, I did make the scarf (this week), but it seemed too wide  so I hacked off half of it and used it to form the top of the bag. And later, I hacked off most of the turquoise section to make the handles. It was a worthy sacrifice as I think I’ll use the bag much more than the scarf.

The buttons came from my absolute favorite button seller on etsy: Who’s Got the Button? I never shared her link with you before because I selfishly wanted to keep all of the buttons to myself. I just LOVE this style of buttons. I blame Tricia Royal for sending me a handful of them once  for an Adorn article– since then it’s been my life’s goal to acquire and use as many of them as possible.  But I think my wallet has suffered enough, so go on over and order some if you want–I’ll be showing off more of them in my Wednesday Craftstylish how-to. I just ordered a big batch (I’d say “my last,” but yeah right!)  from her this week and someone actually checked out with some of “my” buttons before I could hit “purchase”– that’s never happened to me before on Etsy!


Anyway. All of the elements came together to form my perfect bag. It’s quilted on top (with batting all the way through, and in the handles), and I placed a pocket in the lining to hold my camera and other important stuff. I think I need a bag like this now that I’m working at the yarn shop, since I usually have a project in tow. It’s extra tall so that things don’t fall out, and the batting gives it some nice structure and protects the innocent from protruding needles.  Now the only thing I need to do is make a smaller pouch that fits inside that I can carry as a clutch if I don’t want to take the whole bag. Ask anyone who knows me, I’ll carry the smallest purse I can get away with carrying. I’m a minimalist.

Finishing this project felt so satisfying! Sometimes I am just up to my ears in “work” craft, and it makes me crazy– which means that when I do get time to do my thing, I savor it.

  • very pretty! I adore the colours and you're right, those buttons are perfect for it.

  • haha, those buttons! :)
    i still have tons more if you want some...literally...i think i have about 5-10 lbs of them.

    funny thing is, that seller lists them as being from the 1970s, which is false. they are actually from the 1930s-1940s.

  • Amy

    VERY nice, Linda! I love the color combo. And thank you for sharing your button source!

  • nicole

    pretty! i want to make a bag. maybe that's what i'll do this summer when i no longer feel like knitting :)

  • the bag is fantastic, linda! now off to look at buttons....

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