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Patchwork Purse

For starters, welcome to my new blog home! If you notice anything funny/strange, please send me an email and let me know about it. I’m still learning! I’ve tried to fix all of my internal links, but if something leads you back to the old blog, please just route yourself back over here and do a search in the tab on top of the right sidebar. And please remember to update your bookmarks, blogrolls, feed readers, too!  On to the post!

This Friday my old purse died on the way to my door- the zipper got jammed and everything was stuck inside (luckily Paul was home, so I did not get locked out).  So of course my weekend goal became making a new, simple purse. Believe it or not,  it is actually easier for me to make a purse than to find one I like (and can afford) in stores, so there you go.

new purse

Here she is. The purse is about 10″ x 10″ since I like to travel light. Everything I used came from my stash, and Valerie, you might recognize some of your scraps mixed in here. I decided that I wanted a neutral ground with strips of bright color, and I didn’t use a zipper this time because I couldn’t really find one I liked. The “sport/jacket” zippers are too big but garment zippers have really tiny teeth that don’t do so well either (see above). Since I really don’t travel too far or carry very much (and because I was feeling lazy), I decided to close it up with a little snap at the top.

new purse

It’s funny, but sewing is definitely a different animal for me. It’s more about the outcome (ie. a dress, a purse, a shirt) than the process, where with crochet and knitting I enjoy the process a bit more. Actually, I really enjoy the process with patchwork and quilting, too, but when I’m constructing something I get hung up on silly mistakes that I don’t want to rip out. I’m not saying that it’s bad or good, just different.

  • Kim

    This is beautiful! Your "old" purse was quite snazzy as well, but this is definitely more of head-turner :-)

  • So many cute things here......I love the purse, the yarn bucket--great idea--and the dress is sooooooooooo cute on you.

    Nice work, very inspiring.

  • gorgeous - a beautiful way to use up your stash! Your new blog looks very stylish too!

  • Ooh la la, what a beautiful new purse! I loved your old purse but I love this one even more. I got some great scrap pieces from my swap partner, so thanks for the inspiration. Great tip about the zipper versus snap closure. I need to remember that cuz I love zippers.

    PS - love love love the new blog!

  • Purses are my favorite! Your new purse is really cute!

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