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Simplicity 2702

At the beginning of last week I felt that strange familiar warmth of …oh yeah, the SUN so I finally got the chance to take some pics of my new dress. It was windy, and I like to think I was aerating the lawn by attempting to run around in heels taking timed self portraits while there was still some snow on the ground, but here’s what I got (excuse the harsh lighting):


The verdict on this pattern is: hmm. Overall I like it, but I feel like maybe my focus/skills weren’t quite up to the challenge of the placket. The placket is the big pink shape in the front, just in case you were wondering.  I found it to be difficult to match the curves around the collar of the placket since I thought the pattern directed me to sew the inside facing first– meaning I had to press under the edges on the right side of the dress to form the finished placket. (Edited to add: I re-read the pattern and I did indeed misread it– It says to do it how I thought it should be done, I guess my brain was fried from work!) If I did it again, I’d sew the outside placket to the dress first, and then add the facing. In fact, maybe I was supposed to do it that way but I had a hard time comprehending the directions so I just went for it. If you use a matching fabric for your placket, you might have an easier time with this one as I imagine your mistakes wouldn’t be as noticeable.

Another thing I would change if I made this again (because I do like the look) is the way the sleeves are made. If you plan to make this pattern,  I suggest you use the sleeves from View B (they fabric is doubled, which I think that would make them less oddly ruffled than the single layer sleeves from View A). I used  ended up re-setting my View A sleeves about 5/8″ in from the original shoulder, and to me, they still don’t lay quite right. Since this was just a fun stash-busting project, I decided to let them be their weird ruffly selves.

Overall, I’m confident that I’ll wear this, but I’ll probably wear it with a cardigan to hide my less than perfect sleeves and placket. And maybe some jeans, to camoflauge my winter legs! Not that I have to worry about actually being able to wear it any time soon…ahem mother nature, stop with the snow and rain!

  • Vicki

    Really like your dress!!  I am also having a horrible time sewing this top.  It is so frustrating reading the instructions.  I wish someone would post pic tutorial on this top.  I had to take it apart and now going "very" slowly resewing it again! 

  • Julie

    I am making this dress and am having a horrible time of it. I plan to take the whole thing apart tonight and try again, but I don't even want to fool with that awful placket next time. Do you have ideas about another collar that could be substituted? Or perhaps you've thought of other ways to hide the messy placket lines? I heard braided rope suggested, but that doesn't really mesh with my style. I am almost ready to settle on a cardigan myself. :(

  • lindamade

    i don't really have ideas about fixing the collar.... that's sort of the focal point of the dress. I cold see sewing some rick rack or other edging along the edge if you wanted to hide the lines, though. Good luck.

  • Froggeez Home

    Its now 2011 and I have just purchased this pattern, I should imagine the choice of material would be very important. I am going to purchase a light wool and man made fibre fabric in off white, as I think it will make the garment 'fall' nicely. I will be doing the placket embroidery exactly as on the pattern envelope. Fingers crossed that is works out as I hoped or into the back of the wardrobe it will go....

  • lindamade

    hope it works too! good luck!

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