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Do I Really Need to Block it?

I get this question a lot at the Yarn Shop. And the answer isn’t always yes (for instance, I don’t typically  block my hats). But if you’re working on a lace-type pattern, it really makes a huge difference. Below is my scarf from Knit.1 unblocked vs. blocked. Imagine how nice it would look if I had placed a T-pin in each of the loops on the oustide edge…

Do I really need to block it?
I’m blocking the other half now, and then I’ll show it off!

crochet scarf

  • ram

    hi there...

    your crochet work is really beautiful.May i know what kind of yarn do u use for granny squares and ripple afghans.....

    thank u

  • lindamade

    PaperDollyGirl-- Well, I generally block things but the last time I blocked a hat the yarn grew and lost it's stretchiness, so it pretty much ruined it. So I do leave it up to a per-project basis. I've never ever had yarn bleed on me (well, except yarn that already started to lose it's dye on my needles/hands as I knit or crocheted with it)- but generally it is a good idea to block things.

  • I am of the *always* block it camp, but I consider washing something and letting it dry as blocking (not just spritzing and pinning it out). One needs to wash the finished product to remove any excess dyes, dirt, dust, oils, etc. Imagine a hat that wasn't blocked only to have the colors bleed onto your forehead the first time you wore it in the rain or snow! I especially am careful to wash things that I give away to make sure the woven ends don't come loose, etc.

    I love how beautiful the scarf looks all opened up!

  • damn! I'm on a magazine diet at the moment (I'm already getting buried under stacks and stacks of them!) but seeing your gorgeous scarf, I really think I'll have to get hold of Knit.! for this pattern alone! Beautiful work! As to blocking, I never used to bother but after blocking a lace scarf last year, I became a complete convert. As well as opening up the lace pattern, it also made the fabric wonderfully drapey. Now I block almost every time!

  • I am one of those lazy people who would love to avoid blocking. What a huge difference between your blocked version and unblocked version! I needed to see that so I appreciate blocking and quit being lazy.

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