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Finally Finished: Lacy Days of Summer Top

Last summer, I started this top from Crochet Today. Originally, I wanted to make it with a fabric bottom, but I never found the perfect fabric. Then I decided to start to crochet the bottom, ran out of yarn, pulled it out, and continued my fabric search. And then it sat for about 9 months. Finding no perfect fabric, I forgot that I had already crocheted the bottom once and did it again. It came out a little short, and a little small in the bust (maybe blocking will help?) but still, pretty cute. And without further ado, here is my Lacy Days of Summer Top (design by Mari Lynn Patrick).

lacy days of summer

Brett (from Crochet Today) and I were working on this around the same time a while back and had challenged each other to race to the finish, but she won. Technically, anyway. It took me over a month just to weave in the ends and photograph this. A lot of customers tell me that happens to them too- they’ll stop a project when they’ve only got 2 inches of an i-cord left to knit. My theory is that projects like that are virtually finished in our brains so we want to move on to the next new and exciting thing. I am glad to finally be able to wear this though.

lacy days of summer

  • I had copied this pattern from the original magazine and started making it. I was hoping to finish it for mothers day but im stuck on putting the top parts together. I believe I left out a diagram on how to put the back and front bodice together along with the sleeves. Can you help me please.

  • lindamade

    I made it over 4 years ago and remember the sleeves being tricky, but I don't know that there was a diagram. I'd stitch the diagonal edges of each sleeve to the diagonal edge of the front/back and go from there. If you need more help, try I am not the designer of this pattern.

  • I love this top! So cute. Glad you stuck with it. I usually get sick of a project near the end, but I power on through. :)

  • Rox

    Wow! That top is a knockout and so are you. :)

    Love the color.

  • Love it!! It was a fun race - I think we're both winners! :)

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