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More Hat Patterns Available

I added 2 summer hats to my Etsy and Ravelry shops this week.

another version of lacy shells


First up is the quick and simple Lacy Shells Hat. Above is another version I made for moi- from Cascade Pima Silk. I have received lots of compliments on this one and it’s come in handy to keep my head warm this week, since the temperatures dipped into the 40s again. (You know how it is– you just can’t go back to that winter gear. Can’t. Go. Back.) I made at least 6 or 7 of these- they are fun and quick and therefore addictive. I was using my stash so many are in wool, and I’ll be selling them (in fact, the very hats  in the pattern photos) later, when people start thinking about wool hats again. But let’s not go there right now.  Think of lacy summer toppers that’ll work up in a night from your favorite cotton or cotton blend.

summer sun hat


And here’s my second pattern, the quintessential hat for summer-introducing the Summer Sun (raffia) Hat! I always see crocheted raffia sun hats but I wanted to make one my way. I had to order the raffia online at (here’s the link, please note that I used the “Raffia Ribbon”), but you may be able to find it locally. You can also use worsted weight cotton, which one of my testers did– you can see the cotton version on Ravelry. This pattern comes with lots of step-by-step photos to make it easy, which is why it costs an extra 50 cents (a steal, I tell you!).

If you’d like your pattern(s) super quick, I recommend you purchase through Ravelry since they’ll send you a download link and I don’t have to be there for that to happen. Otherwise, I promise to email you the PDF within 48 hours –although it will likely be much sooner than that. Happy crocheting!

  • Every time I visit your blog, I come away thinking that I *must* learn to crochet, one of these days. I especially like that second hat.

  • Too cute! Great idea for summer hats, which I could use. I love to wear hats but sometimes it's too hot around here for the ones I own. These look fun.

  • Love the hats! Cannot believe you crochet so fast! We are officially in our Winter down here in the Southern Hemisphere although it is not nearly as cold as you experience. Bundling up is not my idea of fun.

  • I know, it's hard to go back to parkas. I met my friend Jan and her daughter Rose at the Bean and they were both in summer clothes. They about froze their buns off!

    The second hat is darn cute!

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