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Ripple-y Goodness

It’s been a busy week- I’ve started working at the yarn shop three days a week and the extra day is super high traffic compared to my normal days of the week. So I’m kind of pooped by the time my “work week” rolls around. I try to get some posts written up in advance to combat this, but this week I’m running behind.

lustersheen baby blanket #2
I don’t think I ever showed the completed Ripple v. 2.0, and here she is. I really like it with the random stripes, and I can safely say I’ve had enough ripples for now.

lustersheen baby blanket #2

I’ll be back with more later this week, but in the meantime enjoy this White Bean and Kale Soup recipe from Knitting in Pink. I made it tonight with 2 cups more broth, 3 small yukon gold potatoes (peel, chop, and add when you add the broth, boiling for about 10 minutes before you add the kale), and a tomato (add with the beans). It was super delicious. I picked up some garlic sourdough bread at the grocery store and brushed butter on both sides, added some parmesan cheese and broiled it for 4 minutes= MMMM. And the meal was Paul approved! (Did I mention there was kale in there?) Success.

  • gorgeous! I have to add this to my queue. The colors you chose are so sweet -- earthy and grounded and the pattern makes it playful. love it!

  • What a beautiful ripple afghan you created there! I just love the color combination and random striping in it! Crocheted ripples always remind me of my grandmother, but she never did them in the round...I wonder what she would think of them :)


  • daisy mae

    I love this! And the colors you used work so well together.

  • Woah - I was just over at Ravelry looking at all the different versions of the Round Ripple Baby Afghan and now my face hurts. I'm so glad I saw yours first. I love your style.

    Have you seen the random stripe generator? So handy: http://www.kissyourshadow.c...

  • Simply love it! I'll make it some time, after I finish hooded sweaters for two grandsons-one is almost done, the other's yarn is staring at me accusingly, so it'll be a little while. Must concentrate.

    When your book comes out, I'll buy it at the Yarn Shop, therefore supporting two local entities. Amazon can do just fine without me, thankyouverymuch. (I don't hate Amazon, just like to support the little guy)

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