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The County Fair

This Friday (our “Sunday” according to Paul’s work schedule) we headed over to the fairgrounds to go to the Gallatin County Fair. We are far from theme parks and diverse food options here, and therefore I was very excited to have some fun. Of course, the actual driving force in getting us to the fair was a mutual desire for corn dogs. We are foodies, it’s true.

the gallatin county fair

We actually got there a little too early and had to wait for the corn dog booth to open. No problem, we entertained ourselves with ribbon fries.

the gallatin county fair

I had to stop by the alpacas, because you know, I need to coo at them and convince them to come home with me.

the gallatin county fair

Other than that, we rode a few rides. Yay for rides! My rule is that I won’t ride anything that goes upside down, so the rides we rode were most scary only  if you noticed the rust stains, blankets concealing the inner workings of the rides, or  listened to the cranky noises of the machines– it’s all part of the charm. We had lots of fun and laughs, especially on the the Tilt-A-Whirl.

the gallatin county fair

Paul called it quits on rides after that, so I went on the Parachute ride by myself. There’s something extra silly about riding a ride by yourself after a certain age, but oh well.

Paul also did some drawings while I people watched and took pictures, and then we ate one last (foot long) corn dog for good measure. It was close as Montana comes to Coney Island, and we had a great time.

  • Ann McNair

    ohmygosh! I have that same shirt. HA! I love the new do and am looking forward to seeing it in person.

  • We took one of the grandkids there Saturday. We also brought 93-year-old Grandma with us. She pooped out in the heat so we ran her home and went back. Grandsquirt loved the rides and the petting zoo. I thought the alpacas were the SWEETEST things! They were so serene! My DIL and son took the rest of the grandkids today, but their experience wasn't as positive as ours. The end of the week, I think, and everything was fizzling out. Grandson discovered corn dogs, too, and is now addicted.

  • I, too, love corn dogs! There is a fast food place around the corner from my home that sells them and I have to fight the urge a lot of the time, but every so often, I give it and it is great!

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